High Velocity

Jerry Goldsmith

" High Velocity, Some Thrills "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

High Velocity is one of those forgotten films, and perhaps more importantly, one of the less talked about scores written by Jerry Goldsmith. In some cases, this is evident once you start listening to various cues. Very effective mood, putting you right in the uneasy situations of the cast and landscapes, but often forgetting to entertain the people during it. However the lack of interest surrounding this score is unjust as well, because at times this is typical Goldsmith. A Latin Under Fire / The Wind and the Lion theme, aided by several up-tempo cues that fuel more excitement to your speakers than most of today's so called action music. Rhythm and detail, that's the deal about Goldsmith's music (always has been). "The Hostage" is its best example, because suspenseful brass and Latin playfulness never sounded more at ease together than apart. "Night Flight" is another with it's brassy rhythm. Too bad that the final track doesn't offer the same excitement, except for a proper soft ending. High Velocity is one of those short album releases of the 90's, and only time will tell if this was justified or not. But considering the lack of excitement during many cues, I wonder if we ever need more. As always, the music has more detail than your typical score of today, and during various cues you'll get the Goldsmith excitement you're looking for. Perhaps it's all it needs to be in the end.

Various cues still belong in Goldsmith's more often played Itunes list.
The sound is pretty good, considering the age of the film.
The various mood cues are indeed too numerous, and bring your excitement down each time.

Track Listing

1. Welcome to the Philippines / The Sniper (6.01)
2. The Night Before (2.18)
3. The Mafia Marines (2.07)
4. The Hostage (3.09) Excellent track
5. The Mission Begins (4.24)
6. The Rope Trick (1.50)
7. Night Flight (2.13)
8. The Ring / Not Thirsty (2.50)
9. The Archer (2.29)
10. Coffee Break (2.21)
11. No Victories / End Title (4.09)

Total Length: 33.31
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Released by

Prometheus PCD 134 (regular release 1994)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton

Performed by

The National Philharmonic Orchestra