Jerry Goldsmith

" Hoosiers is synthesized magic "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Hoosiers, one of the many classic sports movies was scored by Jerry Goldsmith (aka no stranger to the sports genre as well). However in a bold move, Hoosiers is considerably less orchestral than for instance other classics like Rudy. Or let me rephrase it, the keyboards are considerably overpowering the orchestra. The opening cue is completely synthesized, and always bring out one of the less promising aspects of Goldsmith's period. Like in Legend of the same period, it also makes Hoosiers a bit shadier than perhaps needed. The orchestra is however on board as it paints a wonderful idyllic scenery for "Main Title / Welcome to Hickory", or when it fuels the game in "You Did Good", "The Pivot" and many cues after that. "The Final Game" is the star of the game, and a roller coaster of ideas, pace and theme statements. Again a tour de force of thematic development, it shows where passion and development can take a score. Straight to your heart. Seriously, if you'll have one problem it's with the synths. The sound, the cheaper sounding music. But the heart, the passion, the drive it what makes Hoosiers a winner. And in this longer format, it remains the grand champion of basketball scores.

Ps, in a weird phase, Intrada for once did it differently. Not mentioning the tracks that were previously unreleased, but instead mentioning the ones that were. I did it differently here and mentioned the unreleased ones.

The themes, oh the themes. It what makes music great. Be ready for all of them in the first track.
The pace, the rhythm. It has always inspired Goldsmith to greatness. Hoosiers is no different.
The final track is a showstopper and a finale of finales.
I know, the synths do hurt this great experience a bit. You really have to accept them to get the most out of this experience.

Track Listing

1. Theme From "Hoosiers" (4.26) Excellent track
2. Main Title / Welcome to Hickory * (3.50) Excellent track
3. Chester * (1.26)
4. First Workout * (1.57)
5. Get It Up * (2.20)
6. You Did Good (7.03) Excellent track
7. No More Basketball * (1.34)
8. Town Meeting (4.47)
9. The Coach Stays (2.44)
10. The Pivot (3.30)
11. Get the Ball (1.48)
12. Last Foul * (0.47)
13. Free Shot * (1.13)
14. Someone I Know * (2.23)
15. Empty Inside * (1.44)
16. The Gym * (2.45)
17. The Finals (15.22) Excellent track

* Previously unreleased

Total Length: 59.39
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume 226 (regular release 2012)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton