In the Army Now

Robert Folk

" You're in the Army Now "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

There was a time Pauly Shore was a big hit, today they're named Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller instead. But back then Shore turned out to deliver some modest hits (Encino Man, Son in Law and In the Army Now), but despite their success at the box office, the movies were critically bashed. Now music wise, you wouldn't or couldn't expect something amazing if you mention you're gonna listen to a score for a Pauly Shore comedy. Well enter Robert Folk to make you ... believe.

In the Army Now sounds extremely muddled and desperately needs a re recording or re mastering, considering you immediately realize this sound recording isn't gonna cut it. You hear it the moment the heroic marching main theme in "Video Game" tries bringing this awesome orchestral sound to the stage. That said, things will not change for the better, so it's better to appreciate the quality of the music instead. And that quality is pretty outstanding, considering the source. "Boot Camp" creates an enjoyable mix of comedy and action, making the trumpet players deliver witty clever variations on the main theme (for Pauly's character) and delivering on the other hand marching militaristic anthems that would feel at home in 1991's Toy Soldiers. Meaning it's extremely enjoyable.

And that tone doesn't change a lot, always delivering marching action music that either focuses on the humor of the movie, or on the action happening on screen. The witty comedy in "Pugal Sticks" or "New Transportation" (featuring mostly electronics), or the marching action music in "Purified Water", "The Mission", "Bones" and "The Raid Begins", all that's pretty entertaining. But nothing beats "Last Chance", an 8 minute tour de force covering all the trademarks of a Robert Folk action track. Thematic and rhythmic powerhouse action music, blasting away in Toy Soldiers and Beastmaster 2 fashion, and holding nothing back until that gigantic heroic eruption at the end. Man, if this ever gets a sound check? Where would it end?

A sinister piece here and there ("Ranger Attack") and the ethnic glimpses in "Lost in the Desert" and "Camel Traders", In the Army Now remains extremely approachable throughout. It's music you'll immediately appreciate, loving it for its all out gun ho style. That said, the soundtrack would thrive on a better recording, because this listens more like bootleg quality than anything else. But that aside, In the Army Now also has its advantages. And that's a powerful main theme and a truly astonishing final track, ready to make you believe one Pauly Shore could ever become a ranger (or actor) in the first place.

Track Listing

1. Video Game (1.25)
2. Boot Camp (4.48)
3. Grenade Bunker (1.02)
4. Pugal Sticks (1.29)
5. Purified Water (2.04)
6. Ranger Attack (1.30)
7. The Mission (2.33)
8. Lost in the Desert (5.05)
9. New Transportation (1.06)
10. The Cobra (1.41)
11. Camel Traders (0.46)
12. Finding the F.A.V.s (0.40)
13. Bones (2.04)
14. The Raid Begins (1.06)
15. Last Chance (8.04) Excellent track

Total Length: 35.23
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Released by

Intrada MAF 7058D (regular release 1994)

Conducted & Orchestrated by

Robert Folk

Performed by

Sinfonia of London