Islands in the Stream

Jerry Goldsmith

" Gentle islands in the stream "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Supposedly Jerry Goldsmith's preferred music and best he's ever written, as he himself described it. He received either the confirmation or a troubled look when he told it to people. He may call Islands in the Stream the best he's ever done, I tend to choose others instead. But it definitely is a personal and dramatic score to be proud of. Especially near the end we hear the reasons why he believes this is his best of all (parts of "The Refugees" and "It is all True"). However, despite Goldsmith's own admiration for it, Islands in the Stream is not one I'll particularly choose as favorite listen. It's a good and strong dramatic score, albeit light on the drama (more personal than in your face) and light on the highlights. Especially the first part is light while heavy on its repeating theme, it's near the end that Goldsmith's music grows with small but steady steps. The end is particularly wonderful with "It is All True", a personal highlight and definitely one where you feel the passion and love of Goldsmith in. Again, admiration and personal love is always different with every specific person. And who I am to say Goldsmith is wrong about his personal favorite? It's just because that, while I don't agree with his entire admiration, I still think this score is a strong dramatic listen full of gentle heart and powerful depth. And we all admired him for bringing that as much as possible.

Calm but lovely score, you generally feel the love through Goldsmith's music.
One of his most personal and best cues, the finale is particularly strong.
Sound is particularly amazing, then again it was re recorded in 1987 when he did Lionheart.

Track Listing

1. The Island (3.12)
2. The Boys Arrive (3.52)
3. Pillow Fight (1.17)
4. Is Ten Too Old (2.53)
5. Night Attack (2.47)
6. Marlin (12.05)
7. The Boys Leave (2.56)
8. The Letter (3.24)
9. How Long Can You Stay (3.17)
10. I Can't Have Him (2.48)
11. The Refugees (4.25) Excellent track
12. Eddie's Death (3.10)
13. It Is All True (5.08) Excellent track

Total Length: 51.14
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Released by

Intrada Excalibur Collection MAF 7095 (regular release 2005)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton

Performed by

The Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra