Jeepers Creepers 2

Bennett Salvay

" Orchestral horror music delivers all the necessary thrills and chills "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

As a horror film, Jeepers Creepers proved its point strongly. As a score it was a mixed bag with more texture than theme, but the thrilling moments were pleasing enough on disc though. Now knowing that, fans of the first score were anxiously anticipating Jeepers Creepers 2. Bennett Salvay returning to score the Creeper as he attacks his victims as they have no idea what they are dealing with. Of course, as sequels tend to do, the movie is bigger and bolder. But it remains a strong horrific tour de force nonetheless, that reintroduces all the strong elements of the first, giving the viewer a hell of a great time as sequels occasionally tend to do.

Of course the score continues in that trend too. Where the first offered texture in an occasional explosive orchestral sauce, the second scrapes off most of its textural mood, giving you the general satisfying feeling that the second is much more entertaining than the first. Proof number 1 is the opening cue "Billy's Abduction". When the eerie opening dies down, sheer relentless brassy horror is unleashed, giving the viewer a horrific pompous run through the cornfield. The mournful horn solo depicts (like the end of the first film) it didn't turn out too well for Billy in the end.

As said, Salvay doesn't dare to stay away from the textural ambiance that crawled throughout every sinister moment in the first film, it was after all what defined the brilliant build up of the first film. Here in Jeepers Creepers 2, it's needed on occasional bases. In "Ancient Blade" it builds on the presence of the Creeper, in "Minxie's Dream #1" it thrives on the Creeper's attack, in "Creeper Star" it stings when it shows its razorsharp edge, and in "Brain Flossing" it plays with your head. Leaving the unbelievable climax for "Headless Dante Dance / Regeneration".

A good addition to the score is a very own theme for the Taggarts themselves. Guiding their rage and their emotion throughout the movie, it fuels "The Taggarts Prepare" as they prepare for hunting season. It appears 2 more times throughout the score, with the best version of all in "The Big Battle".

Jeepers Creepers 2 isn't without its softer moments though. In "Bad News / Taggart Makes Contact" the mournful music of the first returns to make the Taggarts aware they won't save Billy anymore. But what matters mournful emotion if you receive a brilliant thrill ride like "Field Chase" after that. The amazing trailer music that made my hair stand up in "The Taggart / Creeper Faceoff" only prepares you for what to come in "The Big Battle", and that is a mind boggling example of thunderous horror music, rhythmic nail bitting tension, and a heroic Taggart theme that shows the family's taking their rage to another propulsive level. Trust me, watch the movie to fully fall in love with this rhythmic powerhouse piece.

The fight isn't over yet after such a propulsive battle. In fact, it's just getting started and all you can do then is drive the hell away. In "Bug Truck Chase" more of the trailer's music finds its way on a cacophony bed of fainting brass players. And when legs fail, try hopping on a rhythmic pattern of African drums in "The Creeper Hops Among Us", leaving you to face the true Creeper's face with Salvay's textural and orchestral voice on the forefront.

The score ends the way only Jeepers Creepers could end with, with a feeling it isn't dead yet. In "The Stabbing / End of Days" the emotional counterweight outweighs the feeling of the unresolving strings, in "Creeper on the Cross" Salvay returns to the textural sound of the first film, leaving "End Titles" as finale behind to end it for you in style. In here the horror moments meet the themes in a nice pleasing design.

As a viewer, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Jeepers Creepers for its amazing build up. As a listener I appreciated the sound design whilst enjoying the orchestral horror moments. Luckily I feel that Jeepers Creepers 2 has found a perfect balance between the 2 in the second film. Even though the surprise is gone in Jeepers Creepers 2, it remains a wonderful horror film nonetheless that offers you its fair share of shocks and thrills. But when you experience it the way it needs to be experienced, you'll also discover how big Bennett Salvay's music truly is. Powerful, creepy, rhythmic and relentless, Varèse Sarabande delivers you a 46 minute presentation that flies over the fans' expectations better than expected. Or should I say hop its way?


1. Billy's Abduction (4.01)
2. Ancient Blade (1.16)
3. The Taggarts Prepare (1.53)
4. Minxie's Dream 1 (1.57)
5. Creeper Star (0.55)
6. Coach Snatchings (2.21)
7. Minxie's Dream 2 (1.42)
8. Bad News / Taggart Makes Contact (3.04)
9. Brain Flossing (1.46)
10. Headless Dante Dance / Regeneration (1.52)
11. Field Chase (3.11) Excellent track
12. The Taggart / Creeper Faceoff (1.32)
13. The Big Battle (4.01) Excellent track
14. Bug Truck Chase (2.22)
15. The Creeper Hops Among Us (2.14)
16. The Stabbing / End of Days (3.39)
17. Creeper on the Cross (2.22)
18. End Titles (5.51) Excellent track

Total Length: 46.30
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 066 496 2 (regular release 2003)

Conducted by

Bennett Salvay

Orchestrations by

Lolita Ritmanis, Randy Kerber, Bennett Salvay, Brad Dechter, Michael McCuistion & Larry Rench

Performed by

The Hollywood Studio Symphony