Josepha / Femmes de Personne

Georges Delerue

" One average, one decent Delerue: is it enough? "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

One of the latest Delerue combinations of Music Box Records is Josepha / Femmes de Personne. Josepha being the first is just 19 minutes long, and sadly doesn't leave a big impression. For me, the slow tango's and subtle jazz cues (which obviously work as source cues and etc) are becoming a little boring after a while. I've heard them before, and despite being technically perfect, I wasn't a fan of them to begin with. The drama cues in between are decent, with "Josepha" being the most notable one. But nothing truly lifting your spirits. For that the selection wasn't that all too convincing. Femmes de Personne does it slightly better. Again no long lost treasure of Delerue, but a bit more interesting and diverse. Several light electronic cues ("Porno", "Je Dors Chez Papa"), several upbeat jazz moments ("Cornflakes", "Arnaud"), even some early 80's bounciness ("Killing Time", "Disco Cécile"), sometimes these little things make a bit of difference. Like the piano jazz piece "Monica". But what's missing is the classic Delerue theme, the hook that emotionally captivates you. For that both scores are all a bit too common. I suppose for the die hard Delerue fan nothing is too less, but for those that believe that some things can stay behind, Josepha / Femmes de Personne is one of those scores that doesn't necessarily demand a purchase.

Josepha: **12
Femmes de Personne: ***

A bit more diversity for Femmes de Personne, with several light hypnotic electronic cues and fun jazz.
Josepha mixes low dark drama with smooth soft jazz, not a combination that works with me.
Both scores lack the theme, the hook, the special Delerue feeling.

Track Listing

1. Thème de Josepha (1.22)
2. Valse Rococo (3.20)
3. La Séparation (2.22)
4. Josepha et Régis * (1.09)
5. Le Premier Pas / L'arme Blanche * (1.16)
6. Le Néon au Bout de la Rue (2.08)
7. Le Petit Théâtre * (1.12)
8. Ville D'eau (2.34)
9. MacBeth ''Les Sorcières'' / Autopsie de Dolorès Starr ** (2.13)
10. Josepha (2.08)

Femmes de Personne
11. Cécile (3.06)
12. Solitude 1 (2.13)
13. Porno (3.35)
14. Coup de Fil au Labo (1.20)
15. Danse de la Mère (1.56)
16. Julie * (4.37)
17. Marc et Julie * (1.13)
18. Solitude 2 (1.06)
19. Cornflakes (2.54)
20. Antoine, Philippe, Marc et Isabelle * (3.06)
21. Arnaud (2.09)
22. Je Dors Chez Papa (3.57)
23. Cécile et Arnaud * (1.40)
24. Je T'appelle Demain au Bureau (3.45)
25. Adeline * (2.44)
26. Monica (1.44)
27. Générique de Fin (2.45)
28. Trois Heures Moins Dix (4.05)
29. Killing Time (4.33)
30. Disco Cécile * (4.05)

* Unreleased
* Contains partially unreleased material

Total Length: 76.17
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-077 (limited release 2015)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue