Jerry Goldsmith

" Lovely soft delight in the desert "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the deluxe edition

Justine of Jerry Goldsmith is an ultra light The Wind and the Lion. It's eastern tone and gentle theme never stops putting you in the desert, but it doesn't blow up in your face too, not like say The Wind and the Lion did so numerously. No Justine is more like a dance. At one end calm and serene, at another occasionally vibrant and exuberant. But never fully exploding like perhaps we wanted it. Only briefly in moments such as "Hands Off" or "The Killing" do we get some changes in pace, but again hardly to categorize it as a typical Jerry Goldsmith action cue. No Justine is more the serene little sister, with hints of accordion, percussion or harp. It's a light and tranquil listen that delivers us the beauty of Jerry in eastern mode. But sadly it also lacks the kill, the genuine touch to make it memorable. Because for that it repeats its lovely theme way too often, thereby forgetting the possibility to put it alongside classics such as Papillon or The Wind and the Lion.

Theme is really lovely, albeit overtly repeated.
I actually prefer the 1969 Album Version, it has a lot more warmth.
Those looking for excitement won't find it here. It's soft and dreamy material.

Track Listing

Original Score
1. Alexandria (2.02)
2. Melissa & Darley (1.54)
3. Justine (1.00)
4. The Farm (1.54)
5. The Camp (1.52)
6. The Beach (3.13)
7. The Telescope (2.14)
8. The Visit (1.33)
9. Samba Alexandria * (2.55)
10. Dance of Death (3.14)
11. The Ruins (0.59)
12. The Meeting (0.35)
13. Hands Off (4.48)
14. The Killing (1.17)
15. End Title (2.40)

1969 Album Version
16. Justine (2.38)
17. The School (3.41)
18. The Farm (3.18)
19. Melissa (1.57)
20. Alexandria (1.39) Excellent track
21. Carnival Happening (2.39)
22. Melissa & Darley (2.08)
23. Samba Chica * (1.48)
24. The Beach (2.57)
25. The Telescope (1.52)
26. Ambush (1.16)
27. End Title (2.39) Excellent track

* Composed by Herbert W. Spencer

Total Length: 60.42
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande CD Club VCL 0803 1023 (deluxe edition 2003)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton