Kindergarten Cop

Randy Edelman

" Kindergarten is the best! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Terminator himself goes Kindergarten, and he does it in style. Kindergarten Cop was a thoroughly enjoyable film in the tradition of Twins, and coming from the same people it's understandable it captured the same flair. Musically things didn't change much either when Randy Edelman continued his work he began with Twins a couple of years ago. Meaning it's all enjoyable and bouncy, and further more like Beethoven it's chockfull of themes and melodies. It's actually impossible to believe it, considering the composers of today have even a hard time introducing one single theme. We have a soft theme for the school and the idea of the Kindergarten teacher in general ("Astoria School Theme), a theme for the children which is the most adorable of all ("Children's Montage", "The Kindergarten Cop"), a love theme for the blossoming romance between Kimble and Joyce ("Love Theme (Joyce)", "A Dinner Invitation", "Love Theme Reprise"), a much sadder theme for the child it's all centered around Dominic ("Dominic's Theme / A Rough Day"), a suspenseful sound in general for the bad character Crisp ("Stalking Crisp", "The Line Up / Fireside Chat", "Fire at the School"), or the bouncy Twins like melody in "Rain Ride". And the amazing combination of the children's theme with the love theme is outstanding in the finale "Closing". Kindergarten Cop is Randy Edelman at his best, his most enjoyable self. It's full of emotion (whether light or dark) and he captures the tone of the film perfectly. I always liked the effort in the film very much, and through it the movie became somehow the sleeper hit it is today.

Though a bit simplistic perhaps, the themes work and make the album so much better.
Edelman is not always the king when it comes down to suspense. But sometimes he nails it right ("Kimball Reveals the Truth").
There are a couple of good tracks missing, moments that were noticed in the film.

Track Listing

1. Astoria School Theme (1.07)
2. Children's Montage (3.22) Excellent track
3. Love Theme (Joyce) (2.31) Excellent track
4. Stalking Crisp (3.40)
5. Dominic's Theme / A Rough Day (1.55)
6. The Line Up / Fireside Chat (2.57)
7. Rain Ride (1.55)
8. The Kindergarten Cop (1.28)
9. Poor Cindy / Gettysburg Address (2.07)
10. A Dinner Invitation (0.47)
11. Love Theme Reprise (1.25)
12. A Magic Place (2.54)
13. Kimball Reveals the Truth (1.45)
14. The Tower / Everything is OK (2.29)
15. Fire at the School (5.39)
16. Closing (2.14) Excellent track

Total Length: 38.15
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5305 (regular release 1990)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Greig McRitchie & Mark McKenzie