Kruimeltje en de strijd om de goudmijn

Joep Sporck

" Sporck wrote a rather lovely theme that, as the score progresses, evolves from a sad into a more positive sounding theme "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the download only release

Joep Sporck is a Dutch film composer who started out with a small series of scores for Dutch family films. He aspired a career in Hollywood and ultimately moved to Los Angeles, made a considerable name in writing trailer music to Hollywood films like The Incredibles 2, composing for smaller American projects, while not neglecting to remain loyal to his origins. There aren´t that many composers from the Netherlands who made a career in Hollywood, but for Sporck, I suspect, it would only be a matter of time before he does with higher profile scores. Kruimeltje en de Strijd om de Goudmijn is his latest score to date.

The film is very different from the original character in the book by Chris van Abcoude and the previous film. It can best be described as a comical, family friendly western.

He recorded the music in Los Angeles, aided by live performances of a group of musicians, responsible for the set of strings, solo trumpet, solo clarinet and solo French horn. Sporck played the banjo, guitar, mandolin, harmonica and percussion, while his wife contributed her voice to a singular moment near the end of the score, which is more evident in the film mix. It provides for nicely effective sound.

The score reflects both the frolic nature of the main character, once a street rascal, and the isolated state of mind. Sporck wrote a rather lovely theme that, as the score progresses, evolves from a sad into a more positive sounding theme; easily the best, hummable parts of the score. From a remote distance, it resembles the main theme from the previous score, composed by Henny Vrienten), but Sporck is more capable in developing all his themes ably. The overall melodic nature of the music lends the score a positive appeal.

On the downside, a portion of the score is written in the musical idiom of a frolic (western) adventure. Clearly, it was created with a lot of care, but it does not ascend above countless other scores preceding on such a designated path. It is apparent in the pastiche western music, the mickey-mousing and textbook techniques and ideas that pass along, yet it is fairly skilfully executed, which explains my forgiveness and the reason I am even entertained by it.

Kruimeltje en de Strijd om de Goudmijn isn´t the type of score and film to break new grounds, which depends primarily on the melodic continuity and wonderful performances that establish an effective narrative. Even the flawed ingredients of this score become quite charming assets in the overall entertaining quality, especially as they cross paths with thematic material. The composer thinks of this as favourite score yet, and while I am not familiar with the majority of his music, I can kind of see why.

The music was digitally released by CTM Digital, making this the fourth release of a score by Joep Sporck.

1. Opening 3:13
2. Leaving the City 2:14
3. With Dad 0:58
4. Lefty 1:38
5. Final Warning 1:51
6. It Burns! 0:43
7. Sneaking Out 3:27
8. Moor 1:00
9. On The Road 1:39
10. I Don't Have Parents 1:12
11. Orphanage 2:33
12. Caught 1:56
13. Kruimel & Anna 1:18
14. The Cabin 1:36
15. On The Roof 2:12
16. Harry 2:06
17. Daydreaming 1:33
18. Escape 2:49
19. We Have To Safe Her 0:52
20. On the Ferry 2:30
21. Finding Anna 2:05
22. Foam Rescue 3:13
23. Firehose Shootout 1:11
24. Reunited 1:42
25. Final Pursuit 1:51
26. You're One of Them 2:34
27. Coward 2:40
28. It Will Be Allright 2:28
29. Better Safe Then Sorry 2:22
30. The End 1:06

Totasl duration 58:31

(written 11-02-2020)
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CTM Digital (download only release 2020)