L'Incorrigible / Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille

Georges Delerue

" Yet another 2 lovely scores from Music Box Records "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Music Box Records continues to deliver us the unknown treasures of Georges Delerue. And even though both scores are not the long lost treasures, they are nonetheless lovely and far more interesting than others I've heard throughout the years. L'incoriggible is the first and holds various wonderful moments. Most notably the theme that opens in upbeat fanfares the experience. Including are circus tunes, various tango's and moments where the love heme makes a beautiful entrance ("Tendre Marie-Charlotte"). Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille is completely different, and definitely diverse. First time I hear Delerue infusing the immensely popular 70's and early 80's pop beats in his music ("Surprise Partie"). In fact the twinkling main theme ("Générique Début") and the upbeat pop version of the very same theme in "Serge et Marianne" couldn't be further apart from each other. Of course the gentle beauty of Delerue remains untouched in "Vincent et Agnès" and "Week-end Avec Vincent". All by all, it's a diverse but one of the more interesting unknown releases of Music Box Records.

Another lovely "Love Theme" for flute and piano, or what to expect for L'Incorrigible?
The wonderful rise of the playful main theme in "Victor et Camille au Mont Saint-Michel".
Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille holds several lovely moments of typical Delerue loveliness.
The 8 minutes "Lieder" is one I pass rather easily, opera songs are not my kind of thing.
Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille holds moments where Delerue infuses the pop beats of the era, this contradicts the rather typical orchestral sound of him.

Track Listing

1. Générique (1.20)
2. Tendre Marie-Charlotte (2.26) Excellent track
3. Victor Traite une Affaire (1.12)
4. Le Tango de Victor le Séducteur (1.05)
5. Le Rendez-vous du Colibri (1.39)
6. Victor chez Hélène (1.27)
7. Lieder (8.37)
Das leben ist ein traum / Komm, wir wandeln zusammen / Katarina di stresa / Die zu späte ankunft der mutter / Schilfield
8. Menuet pour Hélène (1.21)
9. Sortie de Prison (1.28)
10. Le Retour au Bercail (0.57)
11. Le Petit Cirque (1.35)
12. El Greco (1.23)
13. Camille Prépare son Coup (1.42)
14. Imprévisible Dénouement (2.37)
15. Victor et Camille au Mont Saint-Michel (2.24) Excellent track
16. Thème D'amour * (2.11)

Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille
17. Générique Début (2.16)
18. Serge et Marianne (2.00)
19. Au Parc de Thoiry * (1.52)
20. Christine ** (1.34)
21. Surprise Partie (2.55)
22. Vincent et Agnès (2.15)
23. Zoo Musette * (2.30)
24. Agnès Amoureuse * (1.59)
25. Week-end Avec Vincent * (2.11)
26. Hôtel du Parc * (2.54)
27. Promenade * (1.25)
28. Futurissimo (3.27)
29. Générique fin (2.38)

* previously unreleased
** contains unreleased material

Total Length: 63.20
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-001 (limited release 2011)