La Passante du Sans-Souci / Garde a Vue

Georges Delerue

" Two more Delerue scores scratched of the unreleased list "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Like most of the releases of Music Box Records, both scores are fine examples of background music. Source cues where Delerue sets down the tone of the atmosphere and scene. Like the tango's of old, so we have Parisian accordion or Jewish dances, all centered on an idea that for better or worse doesn't return anymore throughout the score. It's all fine and dandy, but again regrettable for not getting the themes we remember him by. So apart from the song theme that opens the album, I don't remember a theme or tune returning in La Passante du Sans-Souci, again a shame for the Delerue admirer in me. Same for Garde à Vue, a score that has personality but again the typical light touches (a tango here, a more joyful breezy piece there). It's all nice, but hardly memorable. And it lacks the Delerue touch to make it magical. These type of scores are in a way all the same. They are pleasing and effective to a degree, but they lack the hook that distinguishes it from the rest. Music Box Records ought to provide something more, if not it feels like they are just emptying the Delerue vault, nothing more. These scores are all fine, but I'm not recommending them anymore. Not if they are far greater scores out there.

An exception in the long list of tango's and source cues, "Chantal et Camile", representing soft but actual film music emotion.
Two okay scores, but lacking the distinguishable hook or Delerue touch.

Track Listing

La Passante du Sans-Souci
1. Chanson D'exil: Talia (3.30)
2. Générique (1.38)
3. La Valse Parisienne (0.59)
4. Elsa et Maurice (1.32)
5. Max et Son Père / Photo Souvenir (1.44)
6. L'arbre de Noël (1.29)
7. Air Tzigane (1.12)
8. Le Petit Max au Rajah (1.37)
9. La Chanson d'Elsa: Hannelore Norgensen (2.03)
10. Accordéon Parisien (2.11)
11. Une Femme Seule Avec un Enfant (2.22)
12. Air de Max (2.20)
13. Charlotte et Son Client (1.11)
14. L'attente d'Elsa (3.23)
15. Air des Rues (1.39)
16. Le Départ de Berlin (0.54)
17. Le Retour de Michel (0.43)
18. Elsa et Michel Enfin Réunis (2.36)
19. Goles Lid: Talia (3.32)

Garde à Vue
20. Chantal Martinaud (2.09)
21. Les Dunes (1.04)
22. Le Fox de l'Amazone (1.43)
23. Belmont (1.58)
24. Chantal et Camille (4.49)
25. À la Sous-Préfecture (1.39)
26. Musique de la Pluie (1.45)

Total Length: 51.42
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-091 (limited release 2016)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue