La Reine Blanche

Georges Delerue

" Another lovely soft entry "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

La Reine Blanche is one of those typical Delerue scores. Full of drama and subdued beauty, while mixing this with occasional waltzes, source cues and playful interludes. The accordion stands central in all of this, enlightening various cues and waltzes. Most notably the main theme that opens the score. It's a soft but elegant theme, with again the necessary depth we've come to expect from the composer. Most of the music after that is playful (cha cha cha's, waltzes and playful accordion pieces for the various settings of the town), or soft dramatic music (again for either accordion or strings). This score is easy to appreciate and enjoyable to listen to. For the variety the several waltzes and light jazz cues are important, but somehow I wished Delerue could have unleashed more dramatic "film music". As is often the case, these types of cues tend to take over the experience. Still, another accomplished work from the master, and one the fans will appreciate.

The main theme is once again a nice addition to the Delerue repertoire.
Overall experience is a pleasant one, with lots of variation in tone.
You often wish to hear more 'film' music, not specifically source music (no matter how pleasant it is).

Track Listing

1. Le Sainte-Marie (2.40)
2. Le Retour / Jean (2.00)
3. Les Retrouvailles (1.00)
4. Lili (2.16)
5. Bamboulas Sambas (2.00)
6. Yvon (1.28)
7. Rouge Baiser (2.07)
8. Le Jeu de Puces (2.20)
9. La Kermesse (2.43)
10. Les Petits Ballons (3.14)
11. L'aveu (3.20)
12. La Robe Fantôme (2.49)
13. Le Pardon (01.07)
14. Le Cha-Cha de la Reine (1.35)
15. La Fuite de Jean (1.08)
16. Le Gars des Iles (3.04)
17. Chez Rita (2.59)
18. Les Adieux (1.44)
19. La Petite Récompense (0.44)
20. L'enfance (2.50)

Total Length: 43.08
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Released by

Disques CinéMusique DCM 149 (limited release 2013)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue