Le Coeur en Braille

Philippe Jakko

" Le Coeur is exactly the thing it touches the most "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the download only release

Few scores have grabbed me this year, but Le Coeur en Braille (Heartstrings) is one of them. Courtesy of Philippe Jakko and his never ending emotional voice. If you love an over abundance of piano and cello in your music, you'll do fine with this one. At one end it's a very straightforward score, delivering nothing new. But what makes it special is that it brings exactly the things today's music is seriously lacking in. Emotionality, melody and basically themes. Sometimes it feels like the hardest thing on earth, but it is exactly what Le Coeur en Braille brings. So thank you Philippe Jakko for keeping the spirit of filmmusic intact. Oh, and for those who like a bit of playful rhythm, you'll definitely appreciate the Hans Zimmer playfulness in "Gutemberg" and its expanded brother in arms "La Complicité". All in all, a small dramatic highlight that brings back the very basic foundations good film music is built on.

Emotional melodies courtesy of touching piano and cello performances.
The wonderful uplifting playfulness of "La Complicité" is addictive.
Several strong dramatic highlights, such as the beautiful "La Maman de Victor".

Track Listing

1. Ouverture (2.50)
2. Gutemberg (2.00)
3. La Maman de Victor (2.17) Excellent track
4. Winston Churchill (1.10)
5. La Prière et L'hôpital (2.50)
6. Le Hangar à Bateaux (1.19)
7. Marie et Victor se Confient (1.43)
8. Les Souvenirs (2.49)
9. La Complicité (5.27) Excellent track
10. L'enterrement (1.58)
11. Main dans la Main (0.54)
12. L'évasion (1.37)
13. La Lettre / Chez Marie (3.45)
14. Marie Perd la Vue (1.51)
15. Le Basket (0.49)
16. Marie Pleure (1.16)
17. L'audition (1.24)
18. Concerto in D Minor, BWV 974 after Oboe Concerto in D Minor, S. Z799: II. Adagio (Transcribed for Cello) (1.51)

Total Length: 36.13
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Released by

Gaumont Musiques B01N308IIW (download only release 2017)

Conducted & Orchestrated by

Philippe Jakko

Performed by

The Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra