Leave it to Beaver

Randy Edelman

" Leave it to Randy! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Leave it To Beaver, the movie answer to the successful series of the late 50's. Either way, perfect food for Randy Edelman. Insert charm, playfulness and a bit of deviousness to the movie and you have a working Randy Edelman recipe. Of course no real surprises here, except the fact that Edelman does keep bringing them. Those typical yet also entertaining melodies. And the score has enough of them. Definitely for the Edelman fan are "The Gift of all Gifts", "The Neighborhood Sleeps (Finale)" and the theme on solo piano in "Wally's Lament". What also works is the brief but suspenseful music straight out of Daylight in tracks 9 and 11, while the more playful devious music is rather take it or leave it. Perfectly fine at one level, a bit irritating if you continuously hear it. But luckily the occasional thematic treats wash that taste away. Again no real high art here, just effective and occasionally pleasant music. Like Edelman could do it in his sleep.

As usual, there's nothing wrong with the themes. Typically Randy Edelman.
The solo piano piece "Wall's Lament" is of particular notice.
The more comical material is a bit of a letdown. It works, but not always on disc here.

Track Listing

1. Beaver's World (Opening) (4.33)
2. The Gift of all Gifts (2.58)
3. Mayfield Mighty Mites (0.47)
4. Family Therapy (2.41)
5. Teen Love (2.58)
6. The Great Computer Caper (3.02)
7. The Neighborhood Sleeps (Finale) (2.08)
8. Expresso Rescue (1.21)
9. Stolen Vehicle (2.22)
10. Pigskin Shuffle (1.30)
11. Up to No Good (1.02)
12. Father and Son (2.21)
13. Wally's Lament (2.09)
14. Theodore's Victory Run (4.20)

Total Length: 34.12
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5838 (regular release 1997)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman