Legends of Chima

Anthony Lledo

" Highly enjoyable easy 30 minutes "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Danish composer Anthony Lledo (known of Frostbiten, the score released by MovieScore Media in 2006) was invited to Los Angeles by Harry Gregson-Williams in 2008. And the influence of the composer is evident once we hear this 30 minute selection of Legends of Chima. This selection was handpicked by the composer himself, representing the best moments of the first season. And even though it's a great way to get to know the world and the tone of Legends of Chima, something tells me I wouldn't have minded a couple of extra minutes. The music (though clearly influenced by the Media Ventures / Remote Control company) is highly enjoyable and offers a bunch of highlights that people might want to hear.

"Laval the Lion" and "Chi" are enjoyable openers, but the one that really blew me away was "Playful Tributes", not only delivering a playful Harry Potter aka John Williams creativeness, but above all a fantastic final minute of heroic epic'ness, enhanced by a soaring moment for light choir during the final seconds (my favorite moment of the entire disc). It's the kind of creative music you miss from the likes of Harry Gregson-Williams nowadays (though it reminds me of Arthur Christmas to be truthful, probably due to that creative spark).

For me that's the highlight of the disc, but that doesn't mean the rest is without merit. The dangerous sounding "The Croc Swamp" (highlighted by ethnic woodwinds), the highly enjoyable rhythm (and influence) of Prince of Persia in "Speedor Races" and the lovely emotion of "When we Were Kids", deliver the kind of melody and creativeness you expect in bigger films, not in this teen based LEGO series.

As for the final tracks, we have the return of that lovely theme of track 3 delicately (and very moving on piano) in "Forever Rock", an exciting action track that sadly ends too early in "The Big Battle" and a final track "The Great Story" that shows an emotional soaring conclusion. Though it isn't all that difficult (I mean we heard more complex music than this), I can't help but enjoy the hell of it. Legends of Chima is done right, and it's delivered with enough inspiration and melodic craftsmanship to ensure an entertaining 30 minute experience, and somehow I wanted it to continue a little longer (which is always a good sign for a soundtrack). Another score that would have been lost if it wasn't for MovieScore Media / Kronos Records.

Favorite Moment - Playful Interludes (2.09 - 2.32)
The soaring climax of a fun and great track

Track Listing

1. Laval the Lion (3.17)
2. Chi (2.40)
3. Playful Tribes (2.36) Excellent track
4. The Croc Swamp (3.04)
5. Cragger (2.37)
6. Speedor Races (2.10)
7. When We Were Kids (2.12)
8. Rhinos (1.51)
9. The Warrior Within (2.26)
10. Forever Rock (2.14) Excellent track
11. Drums of Chima (1.30)
12. The Big Battle (2.20) Excellent track
13. The Great Story (2.53)

Total Length: 31.50
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Released by

MovieScore Media MMS13018 (regular release 2013)