Les Visiteurs / L'Homme Qui Revient de Loin

Georges Delerue

" French science fiction, it looks like The Observers from Fringe! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

The cover does look like the Observers have gotten their own show apart from Fringe, but apparently this was the first and failed attempt of France to do science fiction for television. Naturally composer Georges Delerue was needed to tie it together. And strange it doesn't matter if it's science fiction, because somehow Delerue always finds place for several waltzes, tango's and jazz. If it fits that's another thing, but it's here. In fact there's more accordion, jazzy piano and tango's here than the alienating tones you would expect from such a show ("Zarko, Chevalier de L'espace" is the only time you get something alienating and mysterious). The main theme is quite strong, memorable in it's own way that it somehow perfectly captures the show (and especially your anticipation once you spot the cover). But all those romantic source cues do somehow give you a different feeling as to what this show was really about. Not bad but hardly the score I somehow expected it to be. Especially once you hear a native dance in "La Prison de San Diego" (completely unexpected but all the same quite wonderful and infectious). The second score (L'Homme Qui Revient de Loin) brings some 18 minutes of less interesting music. A bit dark and somber, and carrying less of the Delerue pleasantness, it's a score that's there for the completist. Which brings us to the point if Les Visiteurs is solely worth it? I would say no, at least for the price of a limited soundtrack.

Mysterious theme for Les Visiteurs is quite fitting (though a close cousin to the pirate theme of Grusin's The Goonies.
The truly wonderful infectious ethnic "La Prison de San Diego", though completely unfitting for this kind of material.
This science fiction show apparently has more tango's, accordions and piano than most I've seen.
L'Homme Qui Revient de Loin doesn't invite for a second listen, rather average I have to say.

Track Listing

Les Visiteurs
1. Les Visiteurs (2.27)
2. Reka, Le Dernier Survivant (1.52)
3. Arkim et Tolrach (1.40)
4. Les Jeunes Mariés (1.55)
5. Antonia (1.11)
6. Zarko, Chevalier de L'espace (2.29)
7. Le Procès (2.02)
8. Le Tour du Monde (2.41)
9. Jalousie (1.25)
10. L'expérience (2.42)
11. Soirée au Château (3.23)
12. La Vie sur Terre (1.44)
13. Retour à Paris (2.22)
14. Renate et Jean-Louis (2.47)
15. La Prison de San Diego (3.30) Excellent track
16. La Révélation (2.23)

L'Homme Qui Revient de Loin
17. Générique Début (1.11)
18. Marthe et André (1.47)
19. La Roseraie (2.04)
20. Jacques et Fanny (2.16)
21. Au bord de l'Etang (1.57)
22. Le Fantôme (2.58)
23. L'Enquête (1.48)
24. Dénouement (1.54)
25. Générique Fin (2.06)

Total Length: 52.11
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Released by

Music Box Records MBR-034 (limited release 2013)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue