Lilies of the Field

Jerry Goldsmith

" A lovely little score "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Jerry Goldsmith's Lilies of the Field has been recently re released by Perseverance Records, having the identical presentation of previous releases but in (probably) better sound quality (I can't compare with the earlier releases). But in general it's all about the music, and Goldsmith's score is a lovely little treasure nonetheless. Courtesy of the main theme that bounces along from track to track. Yes the theme is heard a lot, but like most of Goldsmith's scores, it's through the variation and the surrounding underscore that it never becomes tiresome. The versions with the harmonica are lovely and typically bouncy, courtesy of the western vibe ("Lots of Bricks / Aid Given / Aid Rejected"). OK the sound quality is far from breathtaking, but considering the small scope of the orchestra and sound, it's more than enough to keep you entertained. Lilies of the Field, a typical Goldsmith score that enchants so easily because he was just so damn good.

Typical lovely and bouncy main theme (for harmonica).
Score is easy to like, thanks to Goldsmith's knack to keep the music interesting.
The song "Amen", it's so simple yet so darn effective

Track Listing

1. Main Title (1.53)
2. Homer Returns (1.34)
3. The Roof (1.16)
4. Homer Awakes / Breakfast (3.12)
5. Feed the Slaves / Drive to Mass (1.37)
6. Amen / Sunday Morning / Amen (Partial) (3.59)
7. The Contractor (2.28)
8. Out of Bricks (1.08)
9. No Hammer / Return of the Prodigal (4.21)
10. Lots of Bricks / Aid Given / Aid Rejected (6.53)
11. Amen (2nd Version) (2.18)
12. End Title / End Cast (1.26)

Total Length: 32.05
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Released by

Perseverance Records PRR 049 (limited release 2012)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith