Jerry Goldsmith

" Link is zany Goldsmith in a nutshell "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Link is a peculiar score in the Goldsmith cannon. A score that hops around, always with the special Link theme as backbone. It is a strange theme, a curious melody and oddly a bit too zany for my taste. But somehow it perfectly captures the essence of the orangutan. Again, if you don't love the theme you'll discover you'll have a hard time truly loving the score, as the theme is always around one way or another. Even as the album nears its end, the music is becoming even more crazy and entangled with the Link theme, but with the help of Goldsmith's tempo and rhythm ("Mighty Link", "Angry Link") it's pretty easy to accept it. A rater lovely counterpart comes to greet us, reminding us easily of the Gremlins counterpart where the lovely and the zany went hand in hand. In the end, Link is Goldsmith like we know him. It might be a one theme driven score, but the way Goldsmith varies with it, and the way he makes it angry, relentless, eccentric or dramatic is just like we always got it from him. No matter the zany-ness, Link holds riches that are spot on Goldsmith. So love those riches and you'll accept Link already a lot easier.

Like Gremlins, Link has those funny sound effects that signifies the tone of the film.
The score is chock full of detail, and you need to look pas the zany-ness of it to understand the rich sound.
The rhythmic element in it makes the final tracks so much better.
The theme might be perfect, I'm not overtly fond of it.
It's a score that will not deliver smiles to everyone's faces.

1. Main Link (1.35)
2. Welcome Link (3.04)
3. Helpful Link (4.56)
4. Bravo Link (4.38)
5. Swinging Link (6.19)
6. Missing Link (4.44)
7. Peeping Link (3.01)
8. Mighty Link (2.40)
9. Angry Link (2.06)
10. Flaming Link (3.20)
11. End Link (3.05)

Total Length: 39.28
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume 158 (limited release 2011)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton

Performed by

The National Philharmonic Orchestra