Lionheart (1987)

Jerry Goldsmith

" All hail King Jerry! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Jerry Goldsmith has composed many wonderful scores in his career, but Lionheart still remains one of my ultimate favorites. Countless themes, incredibly woven together in a most enjoyable package. Lionheart is top notch creativity. Just listen to cues such as "The Road from Paris", "Forest Hunt" and "King Richard" and you'll get the picture. This is Goldsmith when he was doing his business in the 80's. Meaning high art. All composers should halt and notice the detail and craftsmanship of a score like this. This was written for a B-movie, and one that wasn't all that highly regarded. But still, Goldsmith found the spark and tied all the adventures, romances and action together with multiple themes. And with the help of the synthesizers (which some will despise) you get a rollercoaster of melodic craftsmanship. Take it from me, Lionheart is one of Jerry's ever best. A textbook example of themes and melodies in a never ending display of creativity. All hail King Jerry.

One of the most creative and melodic scores of Jerry's career. And that's saying a lot.
Lionheart is once again full of themes. Truly wonderful themes.
Once Jerry start's toying around with the themes at high speed, it's Goldsmith heaven.
The numerous times Goldsmith weaves completely different themes together is uncountable. Lionheart is a masterclass example of detail.
"The Road from Paris" is Goldsmith at his most enjoyable.
"King Richard" is then the counterpart, Jerry at his most epic. What a theme, what a sendoff.
For some the synthesizer might hinder the experience, but not for me. It fits like a glove.

Track Listing

1. The Ceremony (2.52)
2. Failed Knight (3.23) Excellent track
3. The Circus (3.11)
4. Robert and Blanche (3.52)
5. Children in Bondage (5.03) Excellent track
6. The Road From Paris (2.08) Excellent track
7. The Lake (3.42)
8. The Banner (6.02) Excellent track
9. The Castle (1.27)
10. Mathilda (6.01) Excellent track
11. The Wrong Flag (3.18)
12. The Dress (2.25) Excellent track
13. Forest Hunt (7.49) Excellent track
14. Final Fight (3.17) Excellent track
15. King Richard (8.35) Excellent track

Total Length: 63.05
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5484 (regular release 1987)

Orchestrations by

Alexander Courage & Arthur Morton