Logan's Run

Jerry Goldsmith

" As Monty Python would scream it: Run Away!!!!! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

I'm normally not so angry after a Jerry Goldsmith score, but Logan's Run surely is one of the most painful scores I have ever heard of him. If you hear the compilation pieces you would think this is a bold and powerful classic. But if you hear everything that comes with it, you realize it's one of the most pain inducing listens of your life. The begin, the middle and even near the end there are cues that hurt your ears ("The Interrogation"), that listen atrociously ("Fatal Games", "The Assignment / Lost Years") or are downright laughable ("Love Shop"). These tracks, and especially the first 12 tracks in general are the reason I actually hate this score. It's ugly in its synths, and when the orchestral material appears it's either underscore or dramatic writing I totally do not appreciate. And then comes "The Monument" (aka one of those compilations pieces). I mean it's a good track, finally it has the wonder and the orchestral power you were waiting for all along. That with "End of the City" and the blazing action spectacle (at least for the first minute) "You're Renewed" give you the Goldsmith vibes you were longing for. But the rest, ... oh the rest. It's not erased by the occasional good track, and it will never be erased how they made my ears bleed. Ah, Logan's Run is one of the most frustrating listens I've ever encountered of him. And pains me to say it, but it's a Goldsmith score unworthy. I know Goldsmith intentionally made it sound this way, and I know behind those intentions lies his reasoning. But still, for a music listener who has the option to go out and pick the ones that matter, Logan's Run is painstakingly bad from time to time. The rating is for the few moments that do matter.

After 12 tracks, things clear up considerably with "The Monument", the stuff you were waiting for.
"You're Renewed", a track that shows in mere minutes what today's action music lacks. Namely Balls!
First 12 tracks are hideous. Goldsmith unworthy.
Even more so, several tracks are either downright laughable or just plain hideous.
The good orchestral music doesn't way up to the atrocious synth music.

Track Listing

1. The Dome / The City / Nursery (3.06)
2. Flameout (3.23)
3. Fatal Games (2.26)
4. On the Circuit (3.49)
5. The Assignment / Lost Years (6.00)
6. She'll Do It / Let me Help (2.42)
7. Crazy Ideas (2.39)
8. A Little Muscle (2.23)
9. Terminated in Cathedral (1.29)
10. Intensive Care (3.01)
11. Love Shop (3.44)
12. They're Watching / Doc is Dead (2.46)
13. The Key / Box (4.22)
14. Ice Sculpture (3.35)
15. The Sun (2.16)
16. The Monument (8.13)
17. The Truth (2.04)
18. You're Renewed (2.58)
19. The Journey Back / The Beach (1.36)
20. Return to the City / Apprehensions (2.30)
21. The Interrogation (3.59)
22. End of the City (2.23)
23. Love Theme from "Logan's Run" (2.27)

Total Length: 73.51
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Released by

Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 5 No. 2 (limited release 2002)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton