Lost in Space (Season 1)

Christopher Lennertz

" DANGER, Christopher Lennertz "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Lost in Space is one of the latest hit series of Netflix, combining adventurous encounters between Alien life forms in some of the best state of the art special effects seen on Television. After all, The Robinsons deserve to escape in the best visual surroundings possible, so needless to say that it needs to live up to that monumental scale musically as well. Enter Christopher Lennertz, a veteran composer in all surroundings. And Lost in Space definitely tells it big and bold. The action is ferocious and rhythmic, the power big and powerful, and the classic main theme of John Williams is luckily all over the place. Because it's amazing to hear it top off exciting action rhythms in "Dump the Fuel" or "Race the Minefield" where the action melody just keeps adding the tension, whilst detracting the time they have. Great stuff. Furthermore there's room for soft reminiscing, using the grandeur of space melody of "Main Titles" now as a soft lullaby ("Smith / The Forest"). Ps that "Main Titles" and "End Credits" is some powerful stuff too. Hoorah! The main antagonist Dr. Smith gets her own mistrusting melody too, always one way or another around the Robinsons ("Smith / The Forest"). The only complaint I could say that near the end it all begins to sound a bit alike, something that a bit of trimming could have easily rectified. Ah well, this music is just so easy to listen to, perfectly reflects what's happening on screen and adds a couple of decibels and a whole lot of rhythm to it to sweeten the deal. Lost in Space "Series 1" is straightforward big bold entertainment, and series and music complement each other well.

Pleasing orchestral music that keeps adding the rhythm to the music. And when it does, it's exciting as hell!
John Williams' theme is all over the place, often topping the already big action track off with a bang.
Music perfectly reflects the scene on screen.
After a while it all starts to sound the same, the album could have easily omitted several tracks near the end.

Track Listing

1. Main Titles (1.11) Excellent track
2. Crash Landing (1.12)
3. Will Exploring (5.04)
4. Moby Dick (2.49)
5. Will and the Robot (7.28)
6. Danger Will Robinson (3.32) Excellent track
7. Family Chores Fugue (4.16)
8. To the Chariot (3.38)
9. Smith / The Forest (3.16)
10. Dump the Fuel (3.12) Excellent track
11. Flowers / Father and Son (3.32)
12. Waterfall (4.18)
13. Illumination (4.40) Excellent track
14. Maureen at Work (1.28)
15. Maureen Flies (1.12)
16. Race the Minefield (3.51) Excellent track
17. Ultimate Sacrifice (3.54)
18. Here We Go (2.49)
19. Saying Goodbye (2.45)
20. Alien Ship (3.34)
21. The Resolute (3.17)
22. End Credits (1.13)

Total Length: 72.11
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Released by

Lakeshore Records LKS 35206 (regular release 2018)

Orchestrations by

Casey Kolb, Michael J. Lloyd & Marcus Sjowall

Performed by

The Philharmonia Orchestra