Lost in Space (Season 2)

Christopher Lennertz

" The Robinsons are back! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The Robinsons are still lost in space, and this is good considering it delivers for more entertaining television fare. Yes Season 2 is definitely a lot better (read more entertaining), and will make you yearn for season 3. Hopefully that means everybody's on board the Jupiter again, including Christopher Lennertz. Because this score proves it, it's more of the same. That can be seen as a good or a bad thing. Yes, things tend to sound the same as in season 1. But it's still brought by such vigor and power that one can't really be mad about this. Perhaps it misses a couple of extra themes or ideas to keep the score as fresh as it is entertaining. But I said it, it still remains entertaining as hell. The action is still ferocious (my favorite remains "Evil Robots Boarding"), the main theme still explodes like the best of them ("Robot's Rescue") and strings are never far away once emotion reigns high ("Animals / He's Dying", "The Children Say Goodbye"). But it are those fresh moments that give me the biggest goosebumps of all. The first episode definitely sails into my heart the easiest, once you hear several (unfortunately not all) of the exquisite sailing montages, and "To the Resolute" definitely wins extra points due to its grandeur and usage of the space melody of the main titles. Again, most of this all feels recycled in a way. There's no real novelty here. But man does it shine on speakers. And like the series, it's not fresh art, but it's entertaining as hell. Now here's me hoping The Robinsons do themselves proud and get lost some more in the future.

Same guns blazing score as season one. Lennertz leaves nothing underscored.
The first episode definitely contains some heroic sailing music. Sounds great here too!
When exploding with themes (tracks 9 and 14), it shows just how important themes are.
It feels the same as season one yes. It lacks a fresh big theme here and there.

Track Listing

1. Will Wakes (2.53)
2. Smith / Raise the Sails (3.31)
3. Setting Sail (1.46) Excellent track
4. We're Leaving (1.52)
5. Robinsons Reunited (2.02)
6. Towards the Falls (2.25)
7. We're Not Done (2.38)
8. Flashlights (3.05)
9. To the Resolute (1.54) Excellent track
10. Crash Site (4.15)
11. The Book / Robots (2.24)
12. John and Judy (4.18)
13. Horse Friend (2.06)
14. Robot's Rescue (3.25) Excellent track
15. Animals / He's Dying (4.05)
16. Pod Flying (3.04)
17. Chariot in the Hallways (1.22)
18. Atmosphere Creature (2.36)
19. Math / No Will Robinson (3.31)
20. Jupiter Landing (3.01)
21. Evil Robots Boarding (3.17) Excellent track
22. The Children Say Goodbye (5.11)
23. The Rift (3.51)

Bonus Tracks

24. To the Ring (1.12)
25. Storm Alarm (1.44)
26. A Bumpy Ride (3.42)
27. Stampede (2.33)
28. A Trap (4.34)

Total Length: 82.17
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Released by

Lakeshore Records (regular release 2019)

Orchestrations by

Casey Kolb