Man, Woman and Child

Georges Delerue

" Lovely, dramatic and typical Delerue score "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Man, Woman and Child is the Delerue we know and love. This being a fairly obscure movie (despite having Martin Sheen as lead star), Delerue still managed to deliver his usual self to it. A lovely main theme, several strong versions of it, the expected source cues here and there and a song that truly delivers. I mean, it isn't new but it's damn fine nonetheless. What it has over the many short drama scores of before is the theme and how it centers everything. A theme makes a score, and it has enough dramatic weight to convince us from the start. The versions in "I'm Your Father" show the importance of such a theme, while dramatic weight does with so little so much in cues such as "To Airport". The song version of the theme also shows what a fine tune it is. Again, despite not being the best Delerue out there, it's still a huge difference between all those other dramatic efforts of him. Because they just bring background music and various tango's and jazz. Here the theme takes center stage and the music brings actual filmmusic. And that's enough for me.

Not his best main theme, but still it shows the importance of having a central good dramatic tune.
Various dramatic crowd pleasers near the end make all the difference.
Luckily the tango's and source cues are held to a minimum.
The song version by Edie Lehman is really nice as well.
Okay, it are bonus cues and yet I do not need ten variations of the same theme near the end.

Track List

1. Man, Woman and Child Theme (2.45)
2. Main Title (2.37) Excellent track
3. The Kiss (2.34)
4. Intelligencia (2.35)
5. Flashback / Monfleur (1.42)
6. Plaisir D'Amour: Edie Lehman (1.48)
7. Bonjour Papa (1.49)
8. Driving Home (1.03)
9. Looks (1.07)
10. Conversation (2.45)
11. The Picture (1.51)
12. Trash to Chicken (1.10)
13. Mellow Margot (4.24)
14. Clean the Table / Medical Center (1.12)
15. I'm Your Father (3.25) Excellent track
16. Coffee (2.00)
17. To Airport (1.46) Excellent track
18. Au Revoir (1.53)
19. Never Gone: Edie Lehman (2.45) Excellent track

Bonus Tracks
20. Main Title (Alternate A) (3.56)
21. Main Title (Alternate B) (3.21)
22. Plaisir D'Amour (Alternate) (1.48)
23. Never Gone (Alternate) (2.45)
24. Never Gone (Demo): Edie Lehman (3.02)
25. Disco Delerue (2.59)
26. Rockin'in Roubaix (2.09)

Total Length: 61.11
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Released by

Quartet Records SCE067 (limited release 2013)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue