Georges Delerue

" Delerue pleasantness all around "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Maxie is Delerue in a nutshell. Pleasant, laid-back, uplifting and occasionally beautiful. The cornerstone is the upbeat and lively theme, a mix between his wonderful melodic voice and his upbeat clarinet alter ego. It centers the album, and it accompanies the many short cues in which comedy and drama go hand in hand. Because the drama remains the ultimate strength of Delerue, and in small moments he can do a lot for Maxie ("Maxie's Realization"), even if he needs to do it for a "Chinese Movie", Delerue paints something memorable in such little time. The occasional source cues of jazz are typical and needed for Maxie's character, but again form for me one of the small intrusions of an otherwise pleasant score. Because the comedy is light but hardly silly, the drama is beautiful and at times memorable, and the light ghost / alter ego aspect is perfectly reflected in Delerue's main theme. The big send off in "End Titles" gives it only more grandeur. Maxie is fun, light, occasionally beautiful and very appetizing. Delerue in a nutshell, but did I say that already?

Pleasant main theme as cornerstone.
Occasionally beautiful and memorable, several moments linger behind.
The end is quite grand, perfect food for closure.
The middle perhaps lacks some diversity to keep you interested.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (4.03) Excellent track
2. Some Fun, Huh? I (1.35)
3. Trudy Remembers I (1.54)
4. Free Spirit (4.16)
5. Party Source I (1.21)
6. Nick The Adult (2.00)
7. Trudy's Realization I (1.41)
8. Trudy's Realization II (1.01)
9. As Good as Maxie (1.02)
10. Maxie's Realization (1.43)
11. Gerobicize (3.28)
12. Seducing Jerome (2.16)
13. She Won't Be Back (1.38)
14. Chinese Movie (1.48) Excellent track
15. Chase (1.02)
16. Asking for a Gift (2.03)
17. Shooting Commercial (0.43)
18. Fun in Bed (1.48)
19. Big Time Pictures (1.00)
20. Cleopatra (1.45)
21. Would Be Star (2.31)
22. End Titles (4.59) Excellent track

Bonus Tracks
23. Trudy Remembers II (0.24)
24. Flapper Melodies I (0.39)
25. Flapper Melodies IIB (0.37)
26. Flapper Melodies III (0.11)
27. Maxie Disappears (0.14)
28. Party Source II (0.34)
29. Party Source III (0.31)
30. Some Fun, Huh? II (0.29)
31. Nick Enlisted (0.13)
32. Hangover (0.25)
33. Flapper Melodies IIA (0.53)

Total Length: 50.47
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume 137 (limited release 2010)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue

Orchestrations by

Georges Delerue & Richard Stone