Meitantei Konan: Hiiro no Dangan

Katsuo ?no

" Most music is quirky, unpleasant, sounding like a first demo presentation, lacking any creativity, and above all, is virtually unlistenable on its own. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the regular release

Meitantei Conan is popular graphic Japanese detective novel, and since 1996 received still running animated TV series, more than two dozen of full-length films, video games and so much more. The franchise peaked in 2021, crossing the barrier of a thousand TV episodes, the full-length film Meitantei Konan: Hiiro no Dangan (Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet) and its music release, as well as a live concert tribute to celebrate its musical legacy by long-lasting composer Katsuo Ōno.

Katsuo Ōno comes from a background as an arranger, musician, and composers and formed the Japanese rock band The Spiders in 1964. In the 1980s he formed his own Katsuo Ohno Band, which as the Meitantei Conan franchise began, performed all the original scores. Its members at the time, of which I am not entirely sure if they still play in it, are:

Katsuo Ohno (Keyboard, percussion, organ, composer)
Nozomi Furukawa (Guitar)
Tatsuhiko Hizawa (Bass)
Kiyoshi Hayami (E. Guitar, A. Guitar)
Kiyoshi Tanaka (Drums)
Sueaki Harada (Ac., E., 12 Strings & Gut Guitar)
Tadashi Masuoka (Percussion)
Daisuke Kawai (Organ)
Takeru Muraoka (Saxophones, Flute, Harmonica, Clarinet)
Seiji Tanaka (Drums)
Seiji Hayami (Ac. Guitar, E. Guitar)
Eric Miyashiro (Trumpet)
Sho Oomi (Piano)

The theme of Meitantei Conan is a decent, effective and pleasurable theme, melody wise and even instrumentation wise. And yet, this theme, and the entire scores have barely changed. The chunk of music is very straightforward, incredibly mediocre and outdated, including utterly simplistic and numbed down performances and instrumentation. Most music is quirky, unpleasant, sounding like a first demo presentation, lacking any creativity, and above all, is virtually unlistenable on its own. Somehow, in each entry the composer provides all the basic ingredients, and with a sense of continuity. The quirky music serves the films rather well, but they lose all purpose as a separate listening experience. But, like all other scores in the entire franchise, Hiiro no Dangan features some soothing jazz inspired pieces, Kaikoroku, and generic 'excitement', (Kōbō no Sutearingu), that become minimal highlights.

Meitantei Konan: Hiiro no Dangan is yet another release by which I fail to see why it received a release. The Japanese market is still overflood with a lot of music releases, regardless of their musical merit, and a greater sum of these is most likely based on the popularity of the medium it was meant to support. I have not heard the concert, but it would be curious to know if it treats the composer' music differently.

1 ウィリアム・テル序曲 Wiriamu・Teru Jokyoku William Tell Overture 1:09
2 WSG東京 WSG Tōkyō WSG Tokyo 0:37
3 園子にお願い! Sonoko ni Onegai! Please Sonoko! 1:06
4 ブラックアウト Burakkuauto Blackout 0:33
5 行方不明? Yukue Fumei? Missing? 1:04
6 少年探偵団ポーズ Shōnen Tanteidan Pōzu Detective Boys Pose 0:17
7 行方不明の謎 Yukue Fumei no Nazo Mystery of the Missing 0:53
8 元太の活躍 Genta no Katsuyaku Genta's Activity 0:25
9 思い出した話 Omoidashita Hanashi The Story I Remembered 0:41
10 名探偵コナンメインテーマ (緋色の弾丸ヴァージョン) Meitantei Konan Mein Tēma (Hīro no Dangan Vājon) Detective Conan Main Theme (The Scarlet Bullet Version) 2:34
11 プラチナチケット Purachina Chiketto Platinum Ticket 0:39
12 博士の謎解き Hakase no Nazotoki Professor's Riddle Solution 1:53
13 FBIの事件簿 FBI no Jikenbo FBI Case Files 1:18
14 事件のその後 Jiken no Sonogo After the Case 1:27
15 由美と秀吉 Yumi to Haneda Yumi and Shukichi 0:24
16 依頼人の秘密 Irainin no Himitsu Client's Secret 1:22
17 自己紹介 Jiko Shōkai Self Introduction 1:00
18 スケジュール発表 Sukejūru Happyō Schedule Announcement 0:39
19 新一と蘭の天の川 Shinichi to Ran no Amanogawa Shinichi and Ran in the Milky Way 0:40
20 空港到着 Kūkō Tōchaku Arrival at the Airport 0:31
21 仮面ヤイバーのテーマ Kamen Yaibā no Tēma Kamen Yaiba's Theme 3:04
22 回顧録 Kaikoroku Recollection 0:53
23 FBIの情報 FBI no Jōhō FBI Information 0:52
24 待ちぶせ Machibuse Waiting 1:17
25 爆煙 Bakuen Smoke Bomb 1:31
26 モーター・チェイス Mōtā Cheisu Motor Chase 1:33
27 モーター・チェイスII Mōtā Cheisu II Motor Chase II 1:44
28 灰原の説明 Haibara no Setsumei Haibara's Explanation 0:33
29 対決の時 Taiketsu no Toki Time of Confrontation 0:36
30 対決の時II Taiketsu no Toki II Time of Confrontation II 0:25
31 目撃情報 Mokugeki Jōhō Eyewitness Information 0:27
32 記憶の中の事件 Kioku no Naka no Jiken The Case in Memory 0:33
33 コナンと世良 Konan to Sera Conan and Sera 0:42
34 リニアの仕組み Rinia no Shikumi How the Linear System Works 0:40
35 コナンの捜査 Konan no Sōsa Conan's Investigation 1:04
36 発見 Hakken Discovery 0:37
37 犯人を追い詰めろ Hannin o Oitsumero Hunt Down the Culprit 0:53
38 動機の告白 Dōki no Kokuhaku Confession of Motive 2:25
39 復讐のトリガー Fukushū no Torigā Revenge Trigger 1:47
40 弾丸リニア Dangan Rinia Bullet Linear 1:14
41 事件は終わらない Jiken wa Owaranai The Case Is Not Over 0:47
42 コナンと灰原の推理 Konan to Haibara no Suiri Conan and Haibara's Deduction 0:28
43 犯人の恨み Hannin no Urami The Culprit's Grudge 1:12
44 小五郎の追跡 Kogorō no Tsuiseki Kogoro's Chase 0:22
45 真空超電導リニア Shinkū Chōdendō Rinia Vacuum Superconducting Linear 2:06
46 誘導作戦 Yūdō Sakusen Guidance Strategy 0:37
47 暴走 Bōsō Runaway 0:46
48 秀吉の一手 Shukichi no Itte Shukichi's Move 0:49
49 攻防のステアリング Kōbō no Sutearingu Steering for Attack and Defense 1:09
50 決戦のステアリング Kessen no Sutearingu Steering of Decisive Battle 1:06
51 運命のキック Unmei no Kikku Destiny's Kick 1:16
52 真実の重み Shinjitsu no Omomi The Importance of Truth 0:45
53 No Need to Kill No Need to Kill No Need to Kill 1:13
54 警告の銃口 Keikoku no Jūkō Warning Muzzle 0:24
55 Fine(フィーネ) Fīne Fine 0:30

Total duration: 55:32

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Released by

B-Gram Records (regular release 2021)