Mor visste ingenting

Zbigniew Preisner

" another vintage Preisner score. "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the download only release

Mor visste ingenting (Mother Didn't Know) is a 2020 short (stop-motion) animated Norwegian film. It is a thought provoking and inspiring film about a girl suffering from depression and her imaginative manner to obtain an optimistic state of mind. It marks Zbignew Preisner´ first score to an animated film.

Mor visste ingenting is another strong continuation of the composer' unique craftsmanship; the great level of intimacy, the idiosyncratic recording, the reverberations, the atmosphere, the introspectiveness... In short, another vintage Preisner score.

There’s a recognizable slow piano theme, with guitar and spacious resonating sounds, which is an adequate way to describe the depressed and lonely state of mind of the girl. The sense of despair (and hope) is continued throughout the score, and is joined by the inevitable use of a melancholic innocent voice. However, the musical theme that makes the greatest impression is heard in the Hope Within Hope variations, an overwhelmingly memorable and hummable composition, in which the idiosyncratic use of the woodwind, strings and voice adds a sincere fragility.

Mor visste ingenting is a score to a short film, but it feels just as much developed as any full length film score. The music by Preisner sounds very familiar, yet it still withholds great, introspective and emotional value. Sublime.

1. Mother Didn’t Know (0:53)
2. Solitude (1:54)
3. Weltschmerz (1:28)
4. Wishful Dreaming (1:49)
5. Hope Within Hope (1:31)
6. Wishful Dreaming Piano Version (1:30)
7. Hope Within Hope (Version 2) (1:28)

Total duration: 10:33

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Released by

Preisner Productions (download only release 2020)