My Cousin Vinny

Randy Edelman

" My typical Randy Edelman "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Delightful and funny film, a typical product of the 80's with subtle but good humor and solid performances. Heck it even gave Marisa Tomei an Oscar for all sakes, not the kind of award you would expect from this kind of movie. If she truly earned it, I can't really tell. But her performance was good, and so was the rest of the film. The music of Randy Edelman perfectly complemented this film too, without sounding overtly remarkable or memorable. Yep it's the kind of easy going score that makes it all funny and happy enough during it. But no matter how solid and easy it sounds, it never gives you the feeling you ought to have it. It's hard to be tough on this kind of music, because it does what it needs to. But unlike say Beethoven or the songs that made Twins memorable, My Cousin Vinny has nothing that sets it apart from the rest. Making it a tough recommendation to spend some hard earned money on. It's full of bouncy tunes, occasional darker moments, the expected prison tunes for guitar and harmonica, namely the kind of stuff that's all good for the time in the film. But it doesn't linger behind on disc. There's stuff that will bring back memories of Kindergarten Cop ("Sworn Testimony", "Norton Gets Nuked"), Twins ("Life on the Open Road") and Beethoven, but not as memorable as anything of those scores. Perhaps it misses most of all the catchy Edelman theme that distinguishes it from the rest. Again, absolutely nothing wrong with My Cousin Vinny, but it just doesn't set it apart from the rest. Better Edelman scores out there I'm afraid.

Works during the film.
Sadly, away from it it's not that memorable.
It lacks above all a typical Edelman theme.

Track Listing

1. Something Wrong (2.48)
2. Meeting the Judge (1.13)
3. Booked for Murder (1.08)
4. Life on the Open Road (2.53)
5. Brooklyn Reflections (0.32)
6. Pig Squawks and Prison Talks (1.32)
7. Sworn Testimony (2.31)
8. Stiffed (1.18)
9. Lisa's Theme (1.34)
10. Shakey Vinny Takes the Case (2.22)
11. Trotter Unfolds the Tale (1.56)
12. Kicking J.T.'s Butt (1.48)
13. Wazoo Junction (2.12)
14. The Tide Turns (1.24)
15. Hot Wheels (2.03)
16. Mud Slide Vin (1.04)
17. Norton gets Nuked (2.10)
18. Brainstorm (1.46)
19. Victory (1.28)
20. Closing and Wazoo Junction (reprise) (3.09)

Total Length: 36.51
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(total of 2 votes - average 2.75/5)

Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5364 (regular release 1992)