Night Crossing

Jerry Goldsmith

" Soar with suspenseful Jerry "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

One of those scores that isn't talked about enough. Night Crossing recently received its reawakening courtesy of Intrada (re released with several bonus cues). But the original album was already a strong one. Delivering a mighty heroic theme, several top suspenseful cues and an otherwise moody opening. It's a score that above anything else shows Goldsmith's talent to build towards a climax. In "Success" it comes out of nowhere and literally blows you out of the water, in "Into the West" you're already anticipating it with delight. Ah "Into the West", what a finale. And when Goldsmith is unleashing his mighty main theme, be sure to expect several powerful suspenseful cues around it. The build up that comes forward in these cues is top notch Jerry, the stuff young rookies can only dream off writing one day. The build up and the power is stellar. No subtlety during these moments. And even though that opening part needs a bit of acceptance, nothing can prepare you for what comes in the second part. Making Night Crossing one of those hidden treasures, for a film that never caught my sent, but luckily came wandering through one soundtrack sale one morning. For those lucky to grab a copy the second time, I hope you appreciate it too.

Powerful score for a long forgotten film.
Wow, what a theme, wow what a send off. Wow what long powerful cues.
The build up of the suspenseful tracks is Jerry at his best.
Never a bad sign when Innerspace and Capricorn One comes through your mind.
I agree, the opening is quite moody and it takes a bit of patience.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (Part 1) (1.18)
2. Main Title (Part 2) (1.57)
3. The Market (1.08)
4. All in Vain (3.26)
5. The Picnic (4.07)
6. Plans (5.11)
7. First Test (0.46)
8. Too Much Work (1.35)
9. Success (3.48) Excellent track
10. First Flight (Original) (9.42) Excellent track
11. The Car (2.21)
12. The Patches (2.53)
13. Short of Time (2.46)
14. Tomorrow We Go (1.07)
15. The Chemist (1.35)
16. No Time To Wait (5.37)
17. Final Flight (6.17) Excellent track
18. Into the West (Revised) (3.39) Excellent track
19. End Titles (1.21)

Bonus Tracks
20. Steel Guitar (0.55)
21. First Flight (Revised) (9.41)
22. Into The West (Original) (3.43)

Total Length: 74.53
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Released by

Intrada Special Collection Volume 280 (regular release 2014)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton

Performed by

The National Philharmonic Orchestra