Nouvelle France

Patrick Doyle

" after some 15 minutes, nouvelle changes to magnifique "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Patrick Doyle is an artist who can paint beautiful passages of colour. And he can do it to drama's of all ages and of all countries. His latest is Nouvelle France, a lush warm orchestral and urgent attacking voice is what embodies this score. But the thing is, what's most striking about Nouvelle France is the simple astonishing orchestral growing colour Doyle paints here. So when Frankenstein sounded both good in the attacking score as romantic tone, Nouvelle France sounds just exceptional in that one category. In rare moments it takes me by the throat, it is simply that divine.

It actually opens with a nice suite, yet sadly you aren't ready for this. You're not ready for the themes or for the sound to come. Still, "Ouverture" has that warm orchestral European sound and that mesmerizing touch of Patrick Doyle. The main theme and love theme make appearances and it is that love theme that receives a rather faint version here.

"Bonjour Marie" gives us a brief but playful notion of the love theme and "Les Hommes de Bigot" is already catapulting us with some serious trumpet fanfares. "Le Bal / Gavotte & Menuet" is one of those typical but fetching renaissance waltzes with strings and harpsichord. It is not after this track you start to get into the flow of the album. More or less from here on out you start to understand the beauty of Doyle's work. Perhaps this has got to do with the fact the love theme starts to unveil itself finally strong and romantic, like in "Des Etoiles dans ma Tête".

Of course, from time to time the tone of the album is getting close to Frankenstein, like in "L'intervention d'Angelique" with the typical string manoeuvres. Or in "Maillard & Marie-Loup" with a frantic orchestral tone taking the listener's nerves firmly tight.

But as said, these are not the moments that make the score shine. It happens when that love theme is painted before your very ears. "La Lettre" opens with a super light love theme version, moving on from there to the main theme. And just after that it returns with the love theme to amaze us even more. "La Bataille de Québec" also has the love theme, soon followed by stirring fanfares. But the highlight has yet to come and it arrives in "Les Retrouvailles". You thought the love theme in track 7 was good? Then you will be literally blown away when you hear it climbing to the grandest climax. Doyle is one of the few who can paint his theme so slowly but perfectly to the finish line, and this is one of those moments. Utterly sensational, I mean it about that throat grasping effect.

"La Berceuse de Marie-Loup" has a solo vocal while "Le Destin de Marie-Loup" gives the love theme again some terrific attention. "La Fin de L'histoire" could have been the final love theme version with light strings, but it is "Ma Nouvelle France" that sends it one final way into your hearts. Superstar Celine Dion can overdue her ballads (often with the best possible effect) but her light mysterious voice sooths the beauty of the love theme wonderfully well.

Nouvelle France is simply put a brilliant romantic orchestral score, and sadly we have too few of these. Anyone who has trust in Patrick Doyle as a composer will easily like and love the score. It is an emotional winner, and an import soundtrack that takes your winnings back and stores them right into your heart.


1. Ouverture (7.04)
2. Bonjour Marie (2.35)
3. Les Hommes de Bigot (1.59)
4. Le Bal / Gavotte & Menuet (2.30)
5. Des Etoiles Dans ma Tête (2.11) Excellent track
6. L'intervention d'Angelique (1.12)
7. La Lettre (3.29) Excellent track
8. La Bataille de Québec (2.38)
9. Nouvelle / France N'est Plus (1.58)
10. Maillard & Marie-Loup (4.22)
11. Les Retrouvailles (4.26) Excellent track
12. Bagarre Dans ka Forêt (1.51)
13. La Berceuse de Marie-Loup (1.35)
14. Le Départ de France (4.18)
15. Le Destin de Marie-Loup (7.40) Excellent track
16. La Fin De L'histoire (1.49)
17. Ma Nouvelle France: Celine Dion * (3.10) Excellent track

* Written by Patrick Doyle & Luc Plamondon

Total Length: 54.53
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(total of 12 votes - average 3.79/5)

Released by

Sony Music CK 81198 (regular release 2004)

Orchestrations by

Patrick Doyle, James Shearman & Lawrence Ashmore

Performed by

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra