Our Mother's House / The 25th Hour

Georges Delerue

" 2 scores for the prize of one "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Film Score Monthly released 2 scores from Georges Delerue from the 60's, and the composer immediately delivers the goods in Our Mother's House. Because that main theme is just too damn good. Emotional, lively and beautiful, it is the backbone of the score (receiving a wonderful variation in "The Children"). But behind that lively beauty is darkness and sadness, often highlighted by the mother's theme or through the father Charlie. And something of that darkness returns in the second score The 25th Hour, often highlighted by a cimbalom theme for the main character. Low heavy choir highlights the emotional darkness too, and it's only in the more uplifting moments ("Johann in the Wheatfield" or "Johann in Budapest") that waltzes and expressiveness enlighten the atmosphere. This expressiveness ends the score as well in "Johann and Suzanna Reunited". Though overall dark and eerie, The 25th Hour holds its ground easily through the lively pieces and the national fanfare for the Russians. Yet in the end it can't deliver nor compete with the beauty of Our Mother's House.

Truly wonderful opening theme of Our Mother's House.
Secondary piano theme is equally emotional and beautiful.
Wonderful variation of the main theme in "The Children".
The national "anthem" for "Arrival of the Russians" in The 25th Hour, Delerue at his most bombastic again.
Somehow both scores complement each other well, both have a dark emotional burden running through their veins.

Our Mother's House: ***12
The 25th Hour: ***

Track Listing

Our Mother's House
1. Main Title - Our Mother's House (3.44) Excellent track
2. The Garden (3.36)
3. Mother Will Always Be Here (3.25)
4. Recess (1.36)
5. Gertie is Punished (3.56)
6. Charlie (1.34)
7. The Children (1.44) Excellent track
8. Charlie Arrives Home (2.22)
9. The Boat Race (1.22)
10. The Party (1.32)
11. Charlie Burns Mother's Pictures (3.45)
12. The Children Leave Our Mother's House (2.42)

The 25th Hour
13. Opening (2.32)
14. In the Church (01:56)
15. Johann and Suzanna (1.58)
16. Deportation of the Jews (2.48)
17. Suzanna at the Minister's House (1.40)
18. Johann in the Wheat Field (2.22)
19. Arrival of the Germans (1.08)
20. Johann in Budapest (1.44)
21. The Train Stops (0.54)
22. Gathering of the Flowers (2.01)
23. Arrival of the Russians (2.59)
24. Death of Traian (2.17)
25. Johann on the Platform (0.59)
26. Johann and Suzanna Reunited (1.18)

Total Length: 58.51
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Released by

Film Score Monthly FSMCD Vol. 6 No. 10 (limited release 2003)

Conducted & Orchestrated by

Georges Delerue