Georges Delerue

" Partners ain't my thing "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

To solve murders, a police man needs to go undercover as a gay man and play a couple with a gay clerk of the bureau. Sounds tacky, and in a way the music confirms it. Not that I'm saying the music's tacky, but the tone is rather peculiar. A rather lovely (meaning typical Delerue) main theme already sets things straight (get it?) while lots of underscore is making the experience quite uninteresting. Several lovely main theme performances aside, there is one moment where the score gets really interesting. A Chips like action moment in "The First Clue" (very light though), but it's hardly long enough to keep you satisfied. Even near the end, the score turns a bit darker. Meaning light suspense now crawls up and takes center stage. It's all effective and it isn't noisy, but still the Delerue charm isn't there. Ah, while it's all decent, lovely when needed and effective when required, something keeps turning me off when I'm listening to Partners. Somehow I don't see the theme working, and somehow I'm not fond of how the score keeps me uninterested. I don't know. Even though there's nothing wrong with it, nothing truly lingers behind. The theme sounds out of place here, and the rest of the music is far from earth shattering. Partners in general doesn't make much sense.

The theme is lovely, a bit too lovely for the genre, but lovely nonetheless.
This score will not be remembered in the Delerue playlist, no matter the effectiveness or the pleasantness of it.
Near the end it even loses complete interest. No action or suspense, not really anything really.

Track Listing

1. Partners Theme (2.14)
2. 1M2 / 1M3 (2.02)
3. Meet Hardelstam (1.21)
4. 3M1 (1.11)
5. M51 (1.08)
6. I Need Some Air (1.36)
7. The First Clue (1.41)
8. M52 (1.01)
9. The Market (2.01)
10. Domestic Scene (3.14)
11. M61 / M62 (1.02)
12. 8M4 (1.48)
13. Where's Everyone? (2.06)
14. The Bait (4.40)
15. 10M1 / 10M3 (1.27)
16. Thanks Kerwin (1.32)
17. Kerwin Searches House / Close Encounters / The Invitation (3.30)
18. Kerwins Suspicion (1.45)
19. Find Benson / I Want the Negatives (3.48)
20. I'm not Crying (1.36)
21. Partners Theme (1.08)

Bonus Tracks
22. In the Mood * (3.37)
23. Moonlight Serenade ** (3.40)
24. Tuxedo Junction *** (3.12)

* Composed by Andy Razaf & Joseph Garland, arranged by Georges Delerue
** Composed by Glenn Miller & Mitchell Parish, arranged by Georges Delerue
*** Composed by Julian Dash, Buddy Feyne, Erskyne Hawkins & William Johnson, arranged by Georges Delerue

Total Length: 52.20
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Released by

Quartet Records QR141 (limited release 2014)

Conducted & Orchestrated by

Georges Delerue