Passion of Mind

Randy Edelman

" Passion of Randy Edelman "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Passion of Mind is a rather unique score for Randy Edelman. A full on drama effort, slightly mysterious from time to time but above all very serious and dramatic, it shows a side of him we haven't heard much before. Central stands the piano, working its magic in various tracks. Central is also the thematic approach. Very light dramatic themes and tunes, enough to keep you interested and not enough to make it heavy. One of the better cues is "A Manhattan Farewell", but it's true that the opening does bring the most refreshing material. Because after a while, Passion of Mind becomes to sound a bit alike, even perhaps too long (which is for a 43 min listen quite a problem). Though Passion of Mind is quite lovely, you'll get the most of out the score in the beginning.

Piano playing is lovely!
It's rather lovely music, focused and very serious.
Lacks diversity in tone and theme.

Track Listing

1. Main Title (3.26)
2. A Mother's Lullaby (2.58)
3. Guitarelle (2.13)
4. 40 Central Park South (2.20)
5. A Manhattan Farewell (4.03)
6. Waking Alone (2.46)
7. Snapshots (1.08)
8. A City View (1.39)
9. Down River (1.33)
10. Marty and Aaron (2.31)
11. Reverie (3.42)
12. Chance Meeting at the Marketplace (2.05)
13. Sailing on the Hudson (2.07)
14. Arriving at the Truth (2.54)
15. Offering (1.23)
16. Passion of Mind (1.20)
17. Bedtime (2.48)
18. Psychescape (2.51)

Total Length: 43.47
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Released by

Milan Records 73138 35887-2 (regular release 2000)

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro