Planet of the Apes

Jerry Goldsmith

" Planet of the unexpected ... soundtrack! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Planet of the Apes was a re-defining film, an idea that was ahead of its time. The same can be said about Goldsmith's nominated score. Bold, rarely done before, an avant garde piece for its use of percussion and techniques. Through it, the alienating unsettling tone was born and became a potent partner for the crew of the stranded spaceship. So if you approach this score, bear in mind that Goldsmith's score will be an unusual solemn partner in his repertoire, where effectiveness more than anything else was important. Goldsmith was always a daredevil, but Planet of the Apes remains surely one of his boldest ideas, and a score that was both appreciated by the producers and Oscar members. To simply think this came out of Goldsmith's mind, to simply think this man had this kind of music swirling around in his head is simply unimaginable. And yet Goldsmith tested the limits of his mind and yours, creating a piece of sound that I sadly can not appreciate for one single reason. Namely because it doesn't give me a good time. I have to approach this score for the effect, the avant garde techniques and the pure idea behind it. Otherwise I'm lost and baffled about how this score ever got nominated in the first place. But you have to look beyond this and realize this man made a film set sound otherworldly. He made guys in masks sound alienating. He mad a planet of trees sound APE like. Because there are ape effects, even more than ever in the "No Escape" cue, showing Goldsmith made everything sound out of the ordinary. Now avant garde, bold and daring is all fine and well, but as said I don't particularly enjoy it. Someone must approach this score for the technicality, the idea and thought behind it. Enjoying the score will then sound completely different if you bear that in mind. The suite of Escape From the Planet of the Apes of 7 years later is then completely more approachable, much more pop infused and barely holding that unsettling tone. A nice bonus addition for all you ape lovers out there. Still, one to approach with caution.

The score is truly a technical marvel to behold.
Unusual scoring techniques give a true alienating sound to the score ("The Search Continues").
Rhythmic brass fest full of dissonance and unusual sounds, "The Hunt" is one of the boldest things Goldsmith has ever done.
This score is not for everyone, and you probably won't even enjoy it.

Track Listing

1. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare (0.15)
2. Main Title (2.13)
3. Crash Landing (6.39)
4. The Searchers (2.26)
5. The Search Continues (4.58)
6. The Clothes Snatchers (3.10)
7. The Hunt (5.10)
8. A New Mate (1.06)
9. The Revelation (3.23)
10. No Escape (5.40)
11. The Trial (1.45)
12. New Identity (2.26)
13. A Bid for Freedom (2.38)
14. The Forbidden Zone (3.24)
15. The Intruders (1.10)
16. The Cave (1.21)
17. The Revelation, Part 2 (3.25)
18. Suite from "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" (16.27)

Total Length: 67.36
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5848 (regular release 1997)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton