Police Story

Jerry Goldsmith

" Police Story swings by "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Police Story and Medical Story, they could be twins but the only comparison is the time which they aired and the composer who scored them. Either way, they are found next to one another, leaving another 70's Goldsmith vibe around that the fans will appreciate just a little easier than the casual listener. Police Story is the main bulk of the score, housing enough funkiness and mood to kill many bad guys. The theme itself is catchy, especially when it gets time to dance. You know when that happens when Goldsmith adds an extra swing to it ("The Tail"), but it mostly captures the mood of the series. Especially in the second part of the score when the additional bonus cues give it with each specific track a moment to shine. Another testament of how Goldsmith centered all his material around themes. Some occasional piano music for the dramatic parts and various long cues for the harsh angrier side of the story, Police Story keeps it rather entertaining, if only to discover how Goldsmith keeps that theme returning for another round. The brief suite of Medical Story is added for the completist I'm afraid, and adds very little to be frank. Without that funky vibe, it's equally dark at times or dramatically uneasy. Leaving little behind but 7 minutes of Goldsmith electronics and unmemorable material. Plus it ends absolutely weird. Still, the bulk is for that other story, and at least that has some funkiness for you to enjoy.

Police Story is all funkiness and cool theme statements.
When Goldsmith adds that extra layer of excitement, it's not hard to smile ("The Tail" and "Hot Pursuit")
While not as bad as making it perhaps sound, Medical Story adds very little I'm afraid.

Track Listing

Police Story
1. Theme from Police Story (0.34)
2. Hot Car (2.30)
3. The Tail (2.03)
4. The Lawyer (0.28)
5. Stakeout #1 (1.13)
6. Wrong Number (2.02)
7. A Love Affair (1.57)
8. A Lack of Trust / The Stoolie (0.57)
9. The Phone Booth (2.11)
10. Stakeout #2 (0.48)
11. The Market / Quick Draw (6.06)
12. The Hospital / End Credits (2.24)
Library Cue Variations
13. On the Streets (1.57)
14. Foot Pursuit (2.09)
15. Legwork Montage (1.23)
16. Stakeout Duty (0.48)
17. Watching and Waiting (0.38)
18. Tailing (2.02)
19. Build and Act Out (0.29)
20. Street Action (2.06)
21. Market Hold Up / Draw! (6.09)
22. Love Theme (1.58)
23. Hot Pursuit (2.15)
24. End of Shift / End Credits (1.33)

Medical Story
25. Suite (7.11)

Total Length: 52.36
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Released by

Prometheus PCR 507 (limited release 2000)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith