Pontiac Moon

Randy Edelman

" Randy's moon is rather long "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Pontiac Moon is a lovely effort from Randy Edelman, but it has one big problem. For it's length, for its presentation it doesn't offer enough diversity. The theme is repeated endlessly, and the variations of the tunes don't help, copying the experience and dragging it too much. The length and the short cues don't help either. Shame really because the way the theme opened the album was like a breath of fresh air. Pontiac Moon is a typical Edelman effort, but somehow it feels like too much. 15 minutes shorter and a couple of tracks glued together who have helped much. A three star score for the moments that are rather memorable, even if it's dragging it's way to the end.

Like John Barry, Randy Edelman had a knack to tell you it was him the second you started listening.
The main theme is rather good, slight variations of a typical Edelman tune.
A rocking main theme version in "Countdown / Blast Off" is very surprising and entertaining.
The theme, a rather good tune is sadly overused, losing its appeal after a while.
A lot of short tracks too, they don't amount too much in development.
And the length of the album isn't helping as well.

Track Listing

1. Main Titles (3.02)
2. Andy the Outsider (1.04)
3. Trusty Old Chief (2.02)
4. Fred Intrudes / Classroom (2.31)
5. Katherine Won't Budge (1.20)
6. The Chance (2.38)
7. A Room With no Windows (1.40)
8. Countdown / Blast Off (1.04)
9. Katherine Finds Letter (1.35)
10. Century Plant (1.21)
11. Apollo 11 in the Sky (1.35)
12. Katherine's first Try (1.11)
13. Ernest Joins Them (0.48)
14. Katherine Must Merge (0.45)
15. Photographs (0.59)
16. Ernest Gives Feather (1.42)
17. Newspaper (0.41)
18. Andy Takes the Wheel (1.15)
19. Snake Scares Lorraine / Escape From Bar (1.03)
20. Fly Moon in Car / Andy Learns Truth (1.35)
21. Dad Has to Relax (1.02)
22. Arrival of Lorraine / The Law of Entropy / Katherine Drives By (2.19)
23. 9M5 * (0.58)
24. 10m1 * (1.08)
25. Cop Follow Washington (1.04)
26. First Chase (2.36)
27. Andy Beats the Car (1.38)
28. Andy's Perfect Act / Crater Stunt (3.01)
29. Crater Reunion (0.55)
30. Do It For Katherine (0.41)
31. One Small Step / Escape to Canada (2.52)

* Does not appear in the film

Total Length: 48.05
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Released by

Quartet Records QR184 (limited release 2015)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Randy Edelman & Greig McRitchie