Christopher Young

" Have you any sins Christopher Young? "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

- When was your last confession Christopher Young?
- Father, it's been 2 years, since I dragged someone to hell.
- And what's your sin now my son?
- Father, I compose too loud music.
- That's no sin my son. You have used an orchestra, a choir?
- My lord, even a church organ!
- Really, you have used the device of god himself to contact him?
- Not him my lord, a priest! I tried contacting a priest through the ears of my flock.
- Your flock?
- My fellow soundtrack listeners father, people who understand the good from the bad. People that rather hear it overtly loud than soft. People that guide my commandments because they understand the power of music.
- And have you taught these disciples the meaning of it all?
- Yes, I've used melodic structures to make em understand my ways. I've used large action movements to show them the errors of other composer's ways, I've tried channeling their inner demons by delivering tranquil messages. I think I have truly elevated the film father.
- Then I forgive your sins, my son. I hope you realize the kind of impact you've given to the people. Now go forth, spread the word and continue your quest.
- Father, I think I will be back quick, I just accepted a job, it's called Sinister ...

Woohoo, organ and choir in grand fashion.
Even more wow, the power and craftsmanship of "The Vampire Train", now that's you want in any blockbuster movie.
Nothing is held back, Young goes for strong orchestral music, finishing in style with "A World Without End".
At times you wish we had some relief, some beauty like "Faith, Work, Security".

Track Listing

1. Priest (3.26)
2. Eclipsed Heart (3.35)
3. I Have Sinned (5.08)
4. Blood Framed Hell (3.53)
5. Sacrosanct Delirium (7.45)
6. Never One For Love (2.38)
7. Faith, Work, Security (2.14) Excellent track
8. The Vampire Train (7.00) Excellent track
9. Fanfare for A Resurrected Priest (2.39)
10. Cathedral City Blue (6.44) Excellent track
11. Detuned Towne (2.33)
12. A World Without End (7.38) Excellent track

Total Length: 55.13
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Released by

Madison Gate Records no label number (regular release 2011)

Conducted by

Allan Wilson

Orchestrations by

Peter Bateman, Kristen Baum, Davy Bernagoult, Yoann Bernagoult, Tony Blondal, Richard Bronskill, Kostas Christides, Benoit Grey, Jørgen Lauritsen, Norman Ludwin, Sean McMahon, Sujin Nam, Thomas Parisch, Joohyun Park & David Shephard