Psalm - EP

Zbigniew Preisner

" Preisner' music is written in a simple tonality, with repetitive layers of strings, firmly rooted in the traditional romantic mode of expression "

Written by Joep de Bruijn - Review of the download only release

Zbigniew Preisner is primarily known for his work for film and television, but early on started writing music for a cabaret in Krakow. Over the years, he undertook various musical activities, exploring contemporary classical music, which has gradually become more important to him. Some of these works carry a renewed sound that still withholds portions of his signatures, but simultaneously introduces the listener to a new musical form and sound. In a considerable amount of recent ventures, the departure of the specific Preisner ´tradition´ is even more evident, yet they are gratifying experiences. For one, notice the huge difference between Requiem for a Friend and more recent works like Our Lands. For a vivid follower of all his music, I can only applaud this.

In 2019 Supertrain records released several works non-film works, of which Psalm is a short digitally released EP. The 6.25 composition is his most instantly rewarding individual non-film compositions in many years. It was commissioned by the Centrum Kongresowe ICE Kraków (Ice Congress, concert hall in Krakow, Poland), in which he has held several concerts, such as an evening with old and new Carols, and premiered the composition Here and Now in 2014.

In the Christian tradition, a psalm evokes emotional recollections to religious verses being sung, but there are other connotations that in Preisner' Psalm translates into an instrumental hymn, in adoration for the concert hall.

The piece is performed by Warsaw Philharmonic, conducted by Adam Klock. It's a composition for the strings section of orchestra, eloquent in emotions and constructed of multilayeredness that provides for a very impressive listening. Preisner' music is written in a simple tonality, with repetitive layers of strings, firmly rooted in the traditional romantic mode of expression. The record label mentions that it '' has been referred to as the “introduction to Gorecki’s Third Symphony.”, to which I wholeheartedly agree. While it does not sound like a work composed by Preisner, it is perhaps the greatest compliment the composer can be given. In fact, this only proves his great quality of writing, as he really struck similar chords with the symphony.

In the foreseeable future I expect Zbigniew Preisner to continue his focus on contemporary works, of which Psalm is an example of a great fur fulling composition. Highly recommended.

(written 14-01-2020)
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Supertrain records (download only release 2019)