Rapid Fire

Christopher Young

" Decent and enjoyable action thriller score "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Rapid Fire of Christopher Young at times feels like a Lethal Weapon score. Perhaps it's got something to do with the saxophone, the occasional electric guitar and the fact this crime thriller doesn't always play it dark. Occasionally it can just lighten the mood in "Lethal Weapon" style ("Good Humor", "Together Alone"). But I'll say this directly too, it feels at times equally like Commando of one James Horner. And this isn't the first time I noticed this. Avenging Angel of a couple of years back had the same musical identity.

Anyway, Rapid Fire turns out to be an acceptable enjoyable score, at times with cool rhythmic suspense music, creating an extra layer of color due to the use of ethnic flutes, beats, saxophone and electric guitar. The score's full of them. The Opening track "Rapid Fire", the light Commando like "Be or Not" or the cool tunes of "Glory Trail". It's not like Christopher Young is covering new ground here, but for this kind of film I heard much worse. And if one would have composed this today, you would need to scratch out the flutes, saxophone and beats, and all you''ll get would be dark meandering suspense. It's a fact you have to consider the moment you feel just a little bit disappointed by the outcome of Rapid Fire.

"Fed Funk Muck" and "Free Fire" continues to heighten the Commando style through the saxophone, flutes and rhythm, always sounding perfectly acceptable and often even rather cool. Because like most of Young's scores, he tends to keep the rhythm of the music flowing, not accentuating every different change in the film with a stop in the music's progress. This keeps the music more interesting as well. The cool ethnic sounding "Kix" also shows a completely different musical idea, and again these small changes in tone heighten the sense you're listening to something unoriginal yet also completely enjoyable. Again, hardly the original egg in the basket, but for an occasional spin Rapid Fire might get the job done. Because I heard a ton of scores who where a lot worse in the same genre.

Track Listing

1. Rapid Fire (2.56)
2. Da-Daiko (1.29)
3. Be or Not (1.57)
4. Witness to a Murder (3.37)
5. Together Alone (2.52)
6. Mousetrap (2.49)
7. Good Humor (1.56)
8. Glory Trail (3.12)
9. Fed Funk Muck (3.55)
10. Slim Princess (1.12)
11. Free Fire (4.07)
12. Say (3.02)
13. Kix (1.51)
14. Kaper Kut (5.39)
15. Wish you Wish (1.34)

Total Length: 42.08
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VSD-5388 (regular release 1992)

Orchestrations by

Christopher Young