Rio Lobo

Jerry Goldsmith

" Rio softly Lobo "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Even in the early 70's, Jerry Goldsmith was already considered to be an experienced choice, especially for western films. And for Rio Lobo he did what he always did. Centered his score around a solid theme. If you listen to the full score, you'll realize this theme is all over the place, always hidden through some sort of variation or fueling some uneasy feeling. The shorter stereo selection somewhat rectifies this, though of course through combining the same cues it's obvious you can not escape a theme statement more or less ("A Good Teacher / Quiet Town / Cantina"). Furthermore Rio Lobo is not a powerful score, having just moments of unbridled excitement. It's a soft / moody score that relies more on Goldsmith's theme than on its action, and it's the theme that makes the score entertaining. That and Goldsmith's just never ending diversity in sound. The finale is then of course another winning ending of the Goldsmith repertoire and sings this CD off in good fashion. In between you might have to swallow through too much underscore to make it a returning listen. But the short stereo selection is definitely one the fans will appreciate the most. For the die hard Goldsmith fans who like it a little softer than perhaps used to.

The theme is of course always a pleasure, even if it's not one of his best.
Rio Lobo has moments that are worth it. Moments, not tracks.
The sound of the stereo is decent.
Despite its everlasting appeal, it's not one of the greats. Therefore it lacks excitement and a winning vibrant sound.

Track Listing

1. Rio Lobo Main Title (2.18)
2. The Capture (1.43)
3. A New Arrival (1.49)
4. Unexpected Gun (2.05)
5. A Good Teacher (complete) (5.58)
6. Quiet Town (1.49)
7. No Place To Go (1.15)
8. Plans (4.50)
9. The Raid (2.24)
10. The Scar / Hang On A Minute (3.18)
11. Cordona's Capture (0.43)
12. The Cantina (1.47)
13. The Trade (3.39)
14. Rio Lobo End Title (3.10)

Source Cues
15. Assembly (0.13)
16. Billy Boy (1.39)
17. To Arms (0.29)
18. POW Camp (1.38)
19. Saloon Source Guitar #1 (2.32)
20. Saloon Source Guitar #2 (1.32)
21. Jew's Harp Source (0.58)
22. Saloon Source Piano #1 (1.02)
23. Saloon Source Piano #2 (1.28)
24. Saloon Source Piano #3 (1.58)

Alternate Cue
25. On To Rio Lobo (alt. end) (0.43)

Stereo Tracks
26. The Capture (1.38)
27. New Arrival / Unexpected Gun (3.03)
28. A Good Teacher / Quiet Town / Cantina (9.41)
29. Plans / The Raid (7.01)
30. Scar / Hang On A Minute / Finale (5.35)

Total Length: 76.58
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Released by

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1221 (limited release 2012)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton