Romancing the Stone

Alan Silvestri

" Perhaps not his most interesting score, but for an early departure it's rather fun "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the deluxe edition

For Alan Silvestri, things turned in the right direction when he met Robert Zemeckis and their famous pair of matching sweaters. The story's been known now for a while and due to their success of Romaning the Stone, they are now forming one of the longest collaborations between composer and director (along the line of another famous duo which names I don't have to mention anymore). It all began for them with Romancing the Stone and it continued to the path of blockbusters and unforgettable albums. However, this score was somehow forgotten on CD because it wasn't exactly one of Silvestri's finest in the genre. And maybe this is clear after hearing the soundtrack of Varèse when it was issued just several years ago as part of their Club releases.

Okay, it might not be one of his finest, but it is still fun and effective. Strangely, it starts with Alfred Newman's orchestral rousing version of How the West was Won which perhaps doesn't fit with what follows it, but must be there for a specific reason. And that reason was of course to underscore the opening of the adventure (aka book).

Silvestri's real material follows this Newman piece with his catchy jazzy main theme, heard in "Main Title" and especially in the lovely version of "End Titles". Another returning element is the bounciness of the electronic rhythm that settles it rather well into the brief orchestral moments. It is in fact a returning element in the action moments. At times this doesn't turn out that well, like in "The Stone Revealed" (rather cheap I'm afraid). But mostly it does capture an effective mood that suites the film, like for instance in "Elaine", "I'm in Trouble" or in the better and fun adventure moments "The Gorge", "Escape in the Little Mule" and "Mounties".

These tracks have the jazzy moments and the brassy play that signals an upcoming adventurous voice of one Alan Silvestri. And while his more subtle romantic breezes don't present themselves a lot, they are sweet and lovely. "Joan and Jack" and the blossoming touch with some exotic percussion in "The Dance & They Kiss" are examples of this.

Sadly there wasn't a big budget for the music in Romancing the Stone (what cheap sounds frighten us in "The Town" and "The Square"). This was partly the reason an unknown young composer got the chance to work on a promising movie like this.

As said, it might not make for his most interesting score of his career but Romancing the Stone still doesn't fail. It has got a good tune (most of the times) and Silvestri did the best with the low budget and his lack of experience. Now, I'm a Silvestri fan but even I know this isn't a regular to listen to score. So if you really want it, then you must be one heck of a fan of the movie, the composer or the Varèse Club releases.


1. Logo And Prologue * (2.07)
2. Main Title (2.34)
3. Elaine (2.01)
4. Ransacked Apartment (1.34)
5. I'm in Trouble (1.44)
6. Joan & Jack (1.07)
7. The Gorge (4.55)
8. Escape in the Little Mule (2.18)
9. The Town (2.42)
10. The Dance & They Kiss (4.39)
11. Hotel Escape (2.02)
12. The Stone Revealed (1.19)
13. Mounties! (2.21)
14. The Square (1.31)
15. "Tregula" (1.33)
16. Struggling for the Stone (5.55)
17. So Long Jack (1.10)
18. The Sailboat (1.18)
19. End Titles (5.57)

Bonus Tracks

20. Piano Bar (4.56)
21. End Titles (Alternate) (6.02)

* composed by Alfred Newman, from How the West was Won

Total Length: 59.55
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande VCL 0702 1012 (deluxe edition 2002)

Conducted by

Alan Silvestri

Orchestrations by

James B. Campbell