Jerry Goldsmith

" Monty Python couldn't have shouted it any better! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Music performed by always gives a nasty taste in my mouth, and usually it means we will never get the full extent of the music written by the composer. And knowing it's Jerry Goldsmith you don't wish to taste things like that at all. This score was probably a favor for director Michael Crichton, or a huge budgetary experiment considering you rarely heard Goldsmith this cheap. But it unfortunately is. Remember the cheapest tones of Goldsmith's scores ala Legend, Gremlins, Gladiator and so forth and realize that those had it easy. Because it were moments, here it is the score in general. Remember the sound Stripe gets when he dies at the waterfall in Gremlins? Well that wailing cat just returns here in "No Interview", but as 'music'. You often hear Baby or Gladiator, even the love theme of Forever Young partially in "She Makes Pasta". But it all sounds nastier than you wish it to be. Goldsmith keeps this score entirely synthesized, perhaps notably suitable for the cheap movie Runaway is. But you know Goldsmith to be the master who could have made it so much better. And Runaway just stays this ugly. Funny considering you hear one memorable sound after the other (like the Rambo sound opening "The Tap"), but here it's intertwined with no heroic music or suitable drama, here it all flows together in this never ending droning atmosphere, and it kills the experience during it. Goldsmith fans, if you wish to expand your collection so be it. But Runaway has no business except being there for the film. Sad considering you often hear the greatness of other scores in it (again like the Hoosiers / Gladiator heroism in "Lockons"). So sad! Luckily there's that final track, bringing some of the best moments with melodic gusto to relieve your pain.

I'm reliving "Lockons" in orchestral color in my head. It sounds sooooo good.
But no, Goldsmith had other intentions with Runaway and we have to accept all the flaws.
It got numerous releases, even deluxe treatments! Why?

Track Listing

1. Main Title (1.47)
2. Bug Machine (0.42)
3. The Floater (0.45)
4. No Interview (1.21)
5. Crazed Robot (3.07)
6. She Went Home (1.39)
7. ACME Service (0.29)
8. The Spider (0.45)
9. Alley Fight (2.08)
10. Shootin' Up the Ritz (3.26)
11. The Bullet (3.08)
12. She Makes Pasta (1.32)
13. Psychic Reading (1.12)
14. The Tap (1.16)
15. Lockons (4.08)
16. Sushi Switch (3.23)
17. Spider in the Toilet (0.22)
18. The Computer (0.33)
19. The Monitor (0.28)
20. Construction Site (1.07)
21. 40th Floor (1.28)
22. Over the Edge (3.10)
23. Luther Dies (1.20)
24. No Luther (The Resolution) (5.32)

Total Length: 44.48
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande CD Club VCL 1106 1055 (limited release 2006)

Music composed & Performed by

Jerry Goldsmith