Shanghai Knights

Randy Edelman

" It's decent but hardly enough "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Shanghai Knights is the sequel to the popular Shanghai Noon, and the sequel was equally entertaining for various reasons. Music wise Randy Edelman was brought back to give his tunes a lightly different sound. Much richer and nobler due to the fact it's all taking place in England. And besides the main theme that's returning, we receive a new father theme alongside the most cool new addition of all, namely the England theme. This one is represented the best of all in the pleasant and bombastic "Knights in Shining Armour", the only cue that for me will be remembered of the score. That there's just 14 minutes of Edelman music here is a shame, because I remember that the action cues and fights were scored with a pleasant bounciness that definitely would have worked on CD. Alas, the remaining time is for the songs of the film. All in all, though the music of Edelman is pleasant, it's not enough and it makes me wonder if it's enough for a purchase. Perhaps a digital purchase of that one cue will make you a fan of the score, the rest not so much.

Main theme of Shanghai Noon returns pleasantly in various cues.
England is presented as well through noble tunes.
"Knights in Shining Armour" presents all 3 themes together in a pleasing design.
What remains is decent but hardly memorable, it gives the distinction that the 14 minutes are hardly enough.
Though songs are equally important for a film, it is hardly memorable what made me return to the album.

Track Listing

1. All Day and All of the Night: Jessica Harp (2.16)
2. Magic Bus: The Who (3.26)
3. Time of the Season: The Zombies (2.54)
4. England Swings: Roger Miller (1.52)
5. One: Harry Nilsson (2.50)
6. Yeh, Yeh: George Fame & The Blue Flames (2.22)
7. Wichester Cathedral: New Vaudeville Band (2.25)
8. My Generation: The Who (3.19)
9.. Hot Pasta: Matter (2.31)
10. The Seal in Danger (3.02)
11. Father Theme (1.33)
12. The Buddies Visit Buckingham Palace (2.32)
13. Rathbone's Evil Heart (2.59)
14. Knights in Shining Armor (3.55) Excellent track
15. Painkiller: Kim Ferron (3.20)

Total Length: 41.16
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Released by

Hollywood Records 2061-62384-2 (regular release 2003)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Stuart Balcomb & Ralph Ferraro