Shanghai Noon

Randy Edelman

" East meets west, luckily Edelman already did both "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Shanghai Noon is like a culmination of Edelman's work. An eastern / western combination of tunes and typical Edelman cues in a tad overlong soundtrack experience. Luckily the themes are fun and diverse enough for the time, considering we have various running throughout one another. The themes are the saving grace of the score, because they make the experience an exciting one. The length on the other hand is a tad too long. Various tracks drag the experience, especially in the second part and could have done with a little trimming. But overall this is a fun experience, with multiple themes and enough diverse ideas to keep you entertained for most of the time. Edelman fans specifically will appreciate the variation in it.

Various themes, including a western theme and a lovely princess theme.
Numerous fun moments where Edelman toys with the themes "Becoming a Cowboy in Carson City", "Breakout at the Mission" and the overblown "The Cows Help the Jailbirds".
Enough variation too through the use of various instruments, harmonica, native drumming and ethnic flutes.
Just a tad too long, it could have done with a little trimming.

Track Listing

1. Forbidden City (1.42)
2. Journey of the Imperial Guard (1.26)
3. A Fragile Princess (3.11)
4. From East to West (1.10)
5. A New and Grand Country (1.57)
6. Mountains and Streams (2.10)
7. Becoming a Cowboy in Carson City (4.02)
8. Leaving a Friend (1.45)
9. The Anywhere Saloon (2.22)
10. Say Hello to the Tribe (2.04)
11. Breakout at the Mission (2.56)
12. Getting Extremely Personal (1.54)
13. Bonding in Jail (2.05)
14. Shanghai Noon (1.15)
15. A Classic Gunfight (3.53)
16. Dinner for Three at SueSingOui (0.52)
17. Protecting a Princess (3.59)
18. Escaping Death (2.02)
19. Roy's Epiphany (0.48)
20. The Cows Help the Jailbirds (2.27)
21. Martial Arts (1.56)
22. No Secret (1.03)
23. The Hanging (1.53)
24. Buried Alive? (1.30)
25. Rumble on the Train (1.31)
26. Home on the Rangoon (2.04)
27. Finale (0.59)
28. A Fading Wish (Piano Solo) (2.31)

Total Length: 57.27
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Released by

Varèse Sarabande 302 066 154 2 (regular release 2000)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Ralph Ferraro