Six Days Seven Nights

Randy Edelman

" Six tracks of fun, seven and more moments of averageness "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Six Days Seven Nights is a tough one to grade. At one end it's like any other Edelman score, at another it loses a lot of interest during the second part. How fun and diverse it all opened, how uninteresting and darker it gradually became near the end. The diversity in the beginning is what will probably surprise most people. The fun "Maketa", the Jamaican "Pink Kawala", even a couple of decent action / suspense tracks plus a couple of soft dramatic cues. Edelman like we've always known and accepted him. The second part loses that diversity and focuses more on the darker turning story and the occasional action moments. It doesn't capture anymore our spirits, and save for a couple of tracks, it made me lose focus. In the end, this is not a bad score, but a score I won't be returning too (save for a couple of moments).

Flair and Edelman style in "Maketea", a pleasant vibrant affair, as is the Jamaican influenced "Pink Kawale".
Suspense music is light Daylight, much stronger and less intrusive ("Crashdance", "Pirates").
There's a great use of percussion to set the rhythm and tone of the scenery ("Fixing the Old Beaver").
Interest is lost somewhat during the middle, and doesn't fully return until the end.

Track Listing

1. Into the Mist (1.57)
2. Maketea (2.13)
3. Pink Kawala (1.03)
4. Crashdance (2.41)
5. Floating Pontoons (2.30)
6. Fixing the Old Beaver (2.59)
7. Robin (2.39)
8. A Ray of Hope (2.12)
9. Quinn's Brilliant Idea (1.30)
10. Saying Goodbye (1.20)
11. Panorama (2.08)
12. Discovery (1.34)
13. Lunching with Peacocks (1.53)
14. Subways & Skyscrapers (3.25)
15. Pirates (2.52)
16. Just a Small Snake (2.04)
17. End of a Journey (1.06)
18. Flying Injured (1.10)
19. On the Edge (1.25)
20. Six Days & Seven Nights (1.53)
21. The Calypsonians: Taj Mahal (6.29)

Total Length: 47.03
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Released by

Hollywood Records HR 62163-2 (regular release 1998)

Conducted by

Randy Edelman

Orchestrations by

Mark McKenzie