Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Jerry Goldsmith

" Star Trek: The Real Deal "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is an experience one doesn't need to explain anymore. It's a term in movie history that brings back nostalgic memories and happy thoughts. Even the score by legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith has always been linked to these memories. After all, it was his epic score that pushed the Enterprise and crew through warp speed to boldly go where no one had gone before. Goldsmith not only poured the almighty tv theme to our consciousness, but also the sound of V'Ger and the Klingon theme that became the only Klingon theme from then on. V'Ger is another element that doesn't need introductions to someone who already heard and experienced Goldsmith's music in full. The mystery, the power, the sound to which Goldsmith brings this entity to life is not something that has been equaled ever since. This became a living entity to the various sounds of Goldsmith. But through this droning noise, he weaved mystery and ideas (a musical counterpart as you will) to guide us listener through the enormous cloud that is V'Ger. In short it is breathtaking as to how Goldsmith continues the mastery of Poltergeist (only now in space). But if we listen to how majestic those 3 themes are, it would be unwise to dismiss the fourth theme as just a bonus theme. No the wonderful Ilia's theme (which opens the "Overture") is made of equal brilliance. A wonderful almost Western theme that brings forth beauty and love, and remains like the other themes a majestic powerhouse piece. And don't get me started on "The Enterprise", which is probably one of the finest pieces Goldsmith has ever written. A ballet in space, and a showcase as how to present a theme in its entirety. The whole concept is just that it's majestic where it needs to be, and alienating where it should be. The themes around it just fill this concept to the max. Star Trek: The Motion Picture is just an experience on itself.

The theme where it's known for. A theme that stands the test of time, and will forever do so.
The main theme is brilliant, especially in the absolute star "The Enterprise". Boy what a build up.
The Klingon Theme, the V'Ger tone and the beautiful Ilia's theme, all signs of brilliance right there for the taking.
The entire concept is just what it needs to be. It puts you right up there inside V'Ger itself.
I missed the concert version of Ilia's theme on the full score. And there was surely room for it (ps, it's on the second CD).

Track Listing

CD 1: 72.00
The Film Score
1. Overture (1.43) Excellent track
2. Main Title / Klingon Battle (7.01) Excellent track
3. Total Logic (3.53) Excellent track
4. Floating Office (1.07)
5. The Enterprise (6.01) Excellent track
6. Malfunction (1.30)
7. Goodbye Klingon / Goodbye Epsilon Nine / Pre-Launch (2.10)
8. Leaving Drydock (3.32) Excellent track
9. TV Theme / Warp Point Eight (0.50)
10. No Goodbyes (0.53)
11. Spock's Arrival (2.03)
12. TV Theme / Warp Point Nine (1.49)
13. Meet V'Ger (3.06)
14. The Cloud (5.05) Excellent track
15. V'Ger Flyover (5.01) Excellent track
16. The Force Field (5.07)
17. Micro Exam (1.13)
18. Games / Spock Walk (9.51) Excellent track
19. System Inoperative (2.03)
20. Hidden Information (3.58)
21. Inner Workings (4.04)

CD 2: 74.23
1. V'Ger Speaks (4.04)
2. The Meld / A Good Start (5.37) Excellent track
3. End Title (3.16) Excellent track

The Unused Early Score
4. The Enterprise (6.05)
5. Leaving Drydock (2.39)
6. No Goodbyes (0.55)
7. Spock's Arrival (2.00)
8. Micro Exam (1.15)
9. Games (3.49)
10. Inner Workings (4.43)

The 1979 Album
11. Main Title / Klingon Battle (6.50)
12. Leaving Drydock (3.29)
13. The Cloud (5.00)
14. The Enterprise (5.59)
15. Ilia's Theme (3.00)
16. Vejur Flyover (4.56)
17. The Meld (3.15)
18. Spock Walk (4.15)
19. End Title (3.16)

CD 3: 74.35
1. Overture (Long Version) (2.50)
2. Main Title (Alternate Take) (1.44)
3. Total Logic (Alternate Take) (3.49)
4. Malfunction (Early Take) (1.28)
5. Goodbye Klingon (Alternate Take) (0.35)
6. No Goodbyes (Alternate Take) (0.53)
7. Spock's Arrival (Alternate Take) (2.01)
8. The Force Field (Alternate Take) (5.04)
9. Micro Exam (Alternate Take) (1.14)
10. Games (Early Synthesizer Version) (3.48)
11. Games (Alternate Take) (3.48)
12. Inner Workings (Alternate Take) (4.05)
13. V'Ger Speaks (Alternate Take) (4.03)
14. The Meld (Film Version) (3.16)
15. A Good Start (Discrete) (2.27)
16. Main Title (Album Take) (1.44)

Additional Music
17. Main Title (First Raw Takes) (7.21)
18. The Force Field / The Cloud (Excerpts) (2.33)
19. Beams and Synthesizer for V'ger (4.04)
20. Beams and Synthesizer for Ilia (0.59)
21. Synthesizer for Main Theme (1.44)
22. Main Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture * (5.24)
23. A Star Beyond Time: Shaun Cassidy (2.43)
24. Ilia's Theme (Alternate) (3.33)
25. Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Concert Edit) (3.25)

Performed by Bob James (pop version)
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Released by

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1207 (limited release 2012)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton