Steel Magnolias

Georges Delerue

" Romantic Georges Delerue alert! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Ah, the type of movies Delerue was born to write music for. Because what you get are two lovely themes, one (main theme) all the more memorable than the other (friendship theme). It's the main theme that opens and closes the score in delightful fashion. A wonderful main theme, harmonica and some delightful playfulness in between. "Main Title Introduction" in a nutshell. The remaining music is nice and occasionally dramatic, but it's the lovely "Easter Picnic and Departure" that melts the heart once again, this time through the friendship theme that's another one to remember. Sometimes it reminds me of his wonderful themes of Something Wicked This Way Comes, but perhaps that's just me. No nominations for the music (considering the appeal the board had for the actresses, but never mind that gap because Delerue will melt your heart even without the recognition. Steel Magnolias is memorable thanks to its 2 themes. What it would have been if those themes weren't on board I don't know. Luckily we will never have to ask that question again.

The main theme is truly delightful, one of his most lyrical for this kind of genre.
The friendship shouldn't be dismissed, another delightful entry in the large theme book of Delerue.
Short and to the point for the rest.
I wonder what would the music be 'without' these 2 themes. Luckily they were on board.

Track Listing

1. Main Title Introduction (4.44) Excellent track
2. Tree Fireworks (1.19)
3. Good News, Bad News (4.01)
4. The Drive to Aunt Fern's (5.15)
5. Easter Picnic and Departure (4.20) Excellent track
6. End Title (3.35) Excellent track
7. I Got Mine: Ry Cooder (4.20)
8. Two-Step Mamou: Wayne Toups & Zydecajun (3.25)
9. Jambalaya: Hank Williams (2.53)
10. Main Title (Reprise) (4.43)

Total Length: 38.35
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Released by

Polydor 841 582-2 (regular release 1989)