Jerry Goldsmith

" Supergirl is not a girly score "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

The cousin of Superman, named Supergirl. It seemed they needed a girl superhero badly after Wonder Woman. Reason enough to make it, reason enough to ask the second best composer in town to score it. After all Superman got John Williams, Supergirl was more than happy with Jerry Goldsmith. And Goldsmith of course didn't disappoint. His theme might not be as iconic as John Williams' one, it's a strong tune that opens, closes and saves a lot of the cues in between. In second place comes his love theme, a gentle one that does a lot of good things when it's performed soft and sweet. Again too bad it doesn't reach the iconic version on the disc ala Williams. And the action music is potent enough for a listen or two ("The Monster Tractor"). Of course 80's Goldsmith meant 80's synths and here it's take it or leave it. They both work and distract, enough to give doubters headaches. And what about the Poltergeist influence in "The Vortex / The End of Zaltar"? The 'other side' theme surely makes multiple appearances. To be fair, Supergirl might have one serious problem. In this Silva Screen format it's way too long. Way too many times it also repeats its strong main theme, to the brink of overkill. In shorter format this is another strong and entertaining listen, but now it's too much for too little variation.

The main theme is strong, not as memorable as Williams' one but strong nonetheless.
The love theme is nice and gentle too, a nice little find.
The action music is not too ballsy, but definitely entertaining.
Way too long release of Silva Screen, the main theme is repeated endlessly.
And for this extraordinary length, it lacks variation too.

Track Listing

1. Overture (6.12) Excellent track
2. Main Title & Argo City (3.18) Excellent track
3. Argo City Mall (0.59)
4. The Butterfly (1.39)
5. The Journey Begins (1.15)
6. Arrival on Earth / Flying Ballet (5.40) Excellent track
7. Chicago Lights / Street Attack (2.26)
8. The Superman Poster (0.54)
9. A New School (2.16)
10. The Map (1.13)
11. Ethan Spellbound (2.16)
12. The Monster Tractor (7.37) Excellent track
13. Flying Ballet - Alternate Version (2.16)
14. The Map - Alternate Version (1.16)
15. The Bracelet (2.00)
16. First Kiss / The Monster Storm (4.38)
17. "Where Is She" / The Monster Bumper Cars (3.00)
18. The Flying Bumper Car (1.31)
19. "Where's Linda?" (1.24)
20. Black Magic (4.11)
21. The Phantom Zone (3.45)
22. The Vortex / The End of Zaltar (5.53)
23. The Final Showdown & Victory / End Title - Short Version (12.12) Excellent track

Total Length: 77.51
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Released by

Silva Screen SSD 1025 (regular release 1993)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton

Performed by

The National Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus