Take a Hard Ride

Jerry Goldsmith

" Take a Goldsmith ride! "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the limited release

Jerry Goldsmith in western mode rarely failed, and this newly remastered version of Take a Hard Ride proves it all too clearly. A wonderful theme (perhaps one of his ever best), lots of rhythmic action, a few dosages of playful material and near the end even some light suspense. Take a Hard Ride was already a treat in the 2000 version of Film Score Monthly, but now it sounds even so much better. Truly wonderful remastering. It gives the theme really the opportunity to shine, whether in the highly infectious "Main Title" and "End Credits", or in the wonderful creative and rhythmic "Cliff Dwelling Battle". The short explosion in "The Work Camp" shows another quality of Goldsmith, to deliver from nothing a cue that will be remembered at the end. The danger and urgency of it shows a master at work. And in the brief moments of soft underscore Goldsmith leaves nothing to chance. Every track has a meaning and every melody has a purpose. It shows that back in those days intelligence was needed to form and shape a soundtrack. Take a Hard Ride is not his best, but I bet every Goldsmith fan will once again discover why we worshiped him so much.

The main theme, one of his ever best if you ask me.
Goldsmith in action mode is always a thrill to discover, and here he delivers again.
One of those typical explosive cues of Goldsmith, "The Work Camp" delivers an exciting development of threat and power.
The sound is truly amazing, considering the era it was released in. Great job La-La Land.

Track Listing

1. After You (1.46)
2. Main Title (2.17) Excellent track
3. My Word (1.40)
4. Hey Boy (1.14)
5. Run For Cover (2.10)
6. Move Over (2.09)
7. Friendly Enemies (2.12)
8. Two Gentlemen (2.36)
9. Hunters Harmonica (1.07)
10. A Sad Story (1.30)
11. Over the Bridge (2.48)
12. Fallen Bridge (1.45)
13. Cliff Dwelling Battle (5.56) Excellent track
14. We Made It (1.09)
15. Nowhere to Go (1.42)
16. A Good Walk (1.19)
17. Shaky Sheriff (2.16)
18. Down the Hatch (107)
19. A Second Chance (2.07)
20. The Work Camp (2.18) Excellent track
21. Over the Hill (2.26)
22. End Credits (1.53)

Total Length: 43.45
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Released by

La-La Land Records LLLCD 1367 (limited release 2016)

Conducted by

Jerry Goldsmith

Orchestrations by

Arthur Morton