The Blue Lagoon

Basil Poledouris

" It has Brooke Shields half naked, hmmm lovely ... "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Even after all this time, it feels like everyone knows the tale about a deserted boy and girl on a deserted island. And even if you don't know your classics or missed it (I'm not embarrassed to include myself on that list), it is still a part of that romantic age of gone beyond that wind. Of course to think now that this was the movie at the time that people got crazy over. I would have loved to see their faces when they would have encountered an epic story like Titanic.

Of course a classic as Randal Kleiser's fall in love epic is always a dream come true for a composer. And speaking in the terms of Basil Poledouris' age and career development it was a wonderful starters kit. With the Australian Symphony Orchestra at his disposal Basil could surely unleash all the sweet romantic tones for that mellow romantic mood. Luckily Basil kept his over creamed cake in the oven and kept things more adventurous, sprinkled with a touch of love and romanticism.

It is one of Poledouris' earliest classics and was surprisingly easily available at most record shops. The most surprising thing of The Blue Lagoon is that it is Poledouris in a nutshell, offering the style you would hear developed in his latter scores. For instance when we come across the main love theme for Brooke Shields, "Love Theme (Emmeline)" is very good and it is in fact my favorite of the entire score.

The score holds a sense of adventure as well, especially when the young deserters explore the island ("The Sands of Time") or when we discover a deep loving feeling in tracks such as "Main Title", "The Children Grow", "The Kiss", "Bad People / Baby Swim" (that has a good love theme performance) and "3 Points to Port / End Titles". It is all the testament of Poledouris' gifts as a composer that the score never becomes boring or too smooth or too mellow. No The Blue Lagoon remains in that part a better listen than first imagined.

Of course the only problem I usually encounter with earlier scores is that after a time it doesn't lose its quality but more its magic. When you know certain things of a composer, it is hard to over appreciate those things he wrote in his early years, once you've already encountered them in his latter scores. No, this doesn't mean that The Blue Lagoon is a worn out listen, it means that we've heard better from him in this category later on.


1. Love Theme (Emmeline) (2.31)
2. Main Title (2.35)
3. Fire (1.16)
4. The Island (1.43)
5. The Sands of Time (2.24)
6. Paddy's Death (1.18)
7. The Children Grow (4.09)
8. Lord of the Lagoon (1.04)
9. Love Theme (Reprise) (1.10)
10. Underwater Courtship (1.58)
11. The Kiss (2.33)
12. Richard Sees Paddy (2.20)
13. The Birth (1.13)
14. Bad People / Baby Swim (3.00)
15. The Memories (1.18)
16. 3 Points to Port / End Titles (3.21)

Total Length: 34.40
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Released by

Southern Cross SCCD 1018 (regular release 1987)

Conducted by

Basil Poledouris

Orchestrations by

Greig McRitchie

Performed by

The Australian Symphony Orchestra