The Borgias

Georges Delerue

" Delerue in Fanfare mode "

Written by Thomas Glorieux - Review of the regular release

Georges Delerue tackled the high class of The Borgias with an equally classy score, a score that will require some patience and acceptance from you. One thing that isn't hard to accept, the fanfares and occasional choral back up. The main fanfare theme is powerful and strong ("Main Titles"), receiving a variation in the choral and powerful "Juan's Investiture". A little harder to accept, especially considering it returns a hell of a lot, the serenades and various ancient instruments that deliver them. One or two is okay, but after a while it's beginning to annoy you. Still they are melodic and they are appropriate. But the real class comes from Delerue's "Miklos Rosza" style and his ability to transport us back to the era through sheer brass. It's this style and this voice that makes The Borgias recommendable, not the appropriate serenades. Not for everyone, but several tracks deliver pure class.

Fanfare mode, Delerue goes old school on us.
"Juan's Investiture" is truly powerful, the choir just elevates it.
Though not the best Delerue out there, several tracks deliver a quality that his romantic ones don't reach.
Several serenades are acceptable, but this is pushing it.
The end is a bit of a letdown, I was hoping for something far more grand.

Track Listing

1. Main Titles (3.53) Excellent track
2. Wedding Dance (2.37)
3. Lucrezia's Theme (2.09)
4. Cesare's Triumph at Faenza (2.25)
5. Cesare's Theme (1.18)
6. Celebration in Naples (2.16)
7. Cesare and Lucrezia, a Reconciliation (3.51)
8. Lucrezia and Alfonso's Betrothal (2.07)
9. The D'Este Theme (1.54)
10. Juan's Investiture (4.27) Excellent track
11. Kyrie Eleison (1.29)
12. Lucrezia's Theme - Lucrezia in Ferrara (4.47)
13. The French Army Descends on Rome (2.49)
14. Sancia's Dance (2.44)
15. The Lying in State of Pope Alexander VI (1.44)
16. Miserere and Escape through the Catacombs (1.41)
17. Escape from Rome (1.45)
18. The Chestnut Race (3.24)
19. A Family Secret Revealed (3.08)
20. Battle at Navarre and Death of Cesare (5.20)

Total Length: 55.48
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Released by

Prometheus PCD 109 (regular release 1981)

Conducted by

Georges Delerue